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April 24, 2006 – They wrote her off as over the hill. Lori-Ann Muenzer proved them wrong and brought home gold.

One Gear, No Breaks: Lori-Ann Muenzer’s Ride to Belief, Belonging and a Gold Medal, by Lori-Ann Muenzer with Karl R. Wilberg, is Lori-Ann’s exhilarating, straight-from-the-heart story about motivation, discipline and what it means to believe in yourself. At the age of 38, Canadian underdog Lori-Ann entered the 2004 Olympics, few believed that she would be able to compete with cyclists half her age. Muenzer persevered, kept her mind on the track and won the Olympic Gold.

Canadian cycling is about pain, punishment and speed. On the road to the winners podium, Muenzer suffered more than her share of pain and punishment: a broken collarbone ruined her chance to vie for berths on the Commonwealth team for Victoria in 1994 and Atlanta in 1996; a mountain biking injury in 1999 rendered her unable to train for nearly eight months; sever tendonitis in her knees threatened to end Muenzer’s athletic career for good.

Muenzer’s personal motivation and discipline will resonate with readers across the country, and her determination will inspire anyone who faces challenges in their life. One Gear, No Breaks is the uplifting memoir of one of Canada’s athletic heroes.

“An inspirational book.” – Phil Liggett, cycling commentator

LORI-ANN MUENZER captured a gold medal in Athens with her outstanding performance in the women’s match sprint finals. With her Olympic victory, she became the first Canadian to bring home a gold medal in cycling. A resident of Edmonton, Muenzer has also accumulated an outstanding thirteen National titles, eleven World Cup medals and four World Championship medals throughout the course of her career.

KARL R. WILBERG is a published author and lawyer who is a one-time holder of four Canadian cycling records. He lives with his wife and three boys in Edmonton.


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May 8-10, Toronto, ON
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The book can be ordered through Chapters.Indigo, here.

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