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NCCH Announces Select & Youth Select Squads for 2014

release by the NCCH

November 07, 2013 – The NCCH is proud to announce its Select & Youth Select Squads for 2014. We were very impressed with all applications, and to those who missed out, we urge you to train hard as we will be reassessing the Squad in March 2014. Some selected riders will be given a period of 4 months to reach certain standards in order to stay in the SELECT or Youth Select Program for the 2014 racing season.

16 of the 24 Selected riders have won National Medal/s in 2012 or 2013.

The Selection committee looks at a number of criteria when making its decision, they include;
– To be at National level, or ability (within 12 months)
– Character
– Attitude
– Attendance
– Performance & Results
– How they promote NCCH and Cycling
– How they relate to other members of NCCH
– Volunteerism

– Jordan Broad (Track)
– Will Elliott U23 (Road/Track)
– Jack Burke U23 (Road/Track)
– Simon Forthergill U23 (Road/Track)
– Ben Perry U23 (Road/Track)
– James Orton U23 (Road/Track)
– Martin Rupes U23 (Road/Track)

– Saskia Kowalchuk U23 (Road/Track)
– Madeleine McConnell U23 (Road/Track)

– Adam Jamieson U19 (Road/Track)
– Miles Eastwood U19 (Road/Track)
– Jesse Schultz U19 (Road/Track)
– Marie Pierre U19 (Road/Track)

Youth Select
– Jordann Jones U17 (Road/Track)
– Thierry Kirouac-Marcassa U17 (Road/Track – Montreal Quebec)
– Josh Smith U17 (Road/Track)
– Josh Shenker U17 (Road/Track)
– Quinn Pitts U17 (Road/Track)

– Amy Bell U17 (Road/Track)
– Ariel DeLeon U17 (Road/Track)
– Naomi Desousa U17 (Road/Track)
– Ruby West U17 (Road/Track)
– Hillary Lowry U17 (Road/Track)
– Lara Lee U17 (Road/Track)

In addition to the above riders we will also have the following as guest riders and Select Squad members from May – Sept 2014;

– Jessica Allen U23 (2011 Junior World IRTT Champion) Australia
– Maddison Vit U23 (2011 Junior World Road – Aus representative) Australia
– Luke Vitler U23 (TBC) Australia

The above is a very strong group of individuals to make up our champion teams, yet again I urge everybody who missed out, or those who have aspirations to push the limits and show us what you have got! Riders can be dropped in and out of the SELECT Squads!

With the new Pan Am Velodrome due to open in Milton in 10 months, we want to show the world that we have the best development program!

Congratulations to everybody!

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