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NCCH and Morning Glory Cycling Club Development Partnership

release by the National Cycling Centre Hamilton

October 12, 2016 (Ontario) – National Cycling Centre Hamilton (“NCCH”) & Morning Glory Cycling Club (“MGCC”) have formed a unique partnership that promises to take youth cycling development to a new level.

President of the NCCH Board of Directors Mr. Ward Black said, “The agreement between NCCH & MGCC is fantastic news for Youth Cycling, and for Ontario cycling in general.  NCCH has been running a very successful program for a number of years, and extending our expertise to assist MGCC in building a strong Youth program is great news for everybody.”


MGCC President & Co-Founder, Fraser Chapman, was equally excited about the news, stating “While MGCC has been predominantly an adult-focused Club to date, we have been very proud of our Youth Bursary, which has put out over $60,000 in athlete bursaries over the past 4 years to over 30 young athletes. We have been actively looking for the right people and systems that could move that bursary ‘in-house’ and compete under the MGCC banner. We were lucky to find both in NCCH”

In addition to developing the MGCC Youth Program, a new U23/Elite male & female Trade Team will start in 2017. This new team, “NCCH Elite pb MGCC” will be fed by NCCH & MGCC athletes as the program develops. It will be one of the largest programs of its kind in the country. Expressions of Interest for athletes have gone out, and submissions are currently being evaluated.

Mr Black continued “We see the need to financially assist both male & female U23 riders in a solid team environment, and this partnership will achieve that goal. It allows NCCH to significantly expand its geography, leveraging existing infrastructure and expertise. It also allows MGCC to further empower youth cyclists within its community and establish a path for them to race under its own banner.

Fraser added, “NCCH Elite pb MGCC will leverage a strong initial base of support, with an MGCC membership over 1,100 registered cyclists and a strong base of sponsorship support from leaders in the cycling community. Leveraging our mutual strengths, we will identify, train, financially support and win races with our youth cyclists. Ultimately, the cycling community as a whole wins, however – that is our real end-game.”

As the agreement is being carried out, it includes facilities, coaching and funding commitments over the next three years.

About the National Cycling Centre Hamilton
The National Cycling Centre Hamilton is a not-for-profit corporation created as legacy organization following the very successful 2003 UCI World Road Cycling Championships in Hamilton Ontario. The Centre is one of five nationally recognized cycling centres in Canada and is responsible for identifying, recruiting, testing, coaching and training high performance and development athletes in the Province of Ontario. The Centre is formally partnered with the Canadian Cycling Association, the Ontario Cycling Association, the City of Hamilton and McMaster University. Since its creation in 2005, the Centre has assisted over 75 athletes win medals at National Championships and/or become members of the Canadian National Cycling Team. We welcome your involvement with the Centre as an athlete, coach, parent, volunteer, or supporter. Please contact us should you wish to find out more about our programs or services <mailto:info@ncch.ca>info@ncch.ca or <mailto:officesupport@ncch.ca>officesupport@ncch.ca for further information. Also visit the website here.

About Morning Glory Cycling Club (MGCC)
The Morning Glory Cycling Club (MGCC) is a collection of like-minded cyclists who love to see the sun rise. The Club gathers when most of the city is still sleeping and take to the streets while the air is fresh and commuting traffic is nil. We share in our passion for cycling and fitness while striving to be stronger, faster, better, and smarter. Nobody gets left behind and shouts of encouragement are constant as we all suffer up and down the hills and circuits. MGCC consists of three chapters – Leaside, High Park and Oakville – with a collective membership of over 1,100 registered cyclists. With strong financial support of its membership base and industry leading sponsors, MGCC plays an active role in cycling safety, racing and now youth development, amongst other interests. For additional information on the partnership with NCCH, please contact Greg Connor at gregc@mgcc.bike  More information on MGCC can be found at the Club’s website here.

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