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MTB Canada Cup XC #3 — Men’s & Women’s Report

June 6, 2005 — Roland Green (BC, Kona) won the men’s edition of Canada Cup cross-country #3 yesterday, finishing five laps of the 9.5-kilometre course in 2:08:35.9. Kris Sneddon (BC, Kona-Les Gets) finished second, only 1:10 behind Green. Defending National Champion Ricky Federau (BC, Gears Racing) was third in the 48-kilometre race.

Catharine Pendrel (BC, The Bike Barn) won the first Canada Cup event of her career. She powered through four laps in 2:09:22.5, almost two minutes faster than second place, Mical Dyck (AB, Terrascape Racing). Amanda Sin (ON, Bay Cycle-3 Rox Racing) grabbed the third podium spot.

In the Junior men’s ranks, Raphael Gagne (QC, Brunet/La Vie Sportive) came out on top, completing four laps in 1:46:17.5, nearly nine minutes ahead of second place, Ian McAvity (NB, Darling’s Island). Leni Gelinas Trudel (QC, Le Yeti) was third.

Emily Batty (ON, Gears Racing) zipped through the three laps of a shorter, nine-kilometre course to win the Junior women’s race. M-C Surprenant (QC, Club Sportif Bromont) was second, 3:51.4 back from Batty. Alexandra Gelinas (QC, Club Outaouais) placed third.

For full results, visit: http://www.hardwoodhills.ca

Junior Expert Women
1. Emily Batty (ON, Gears Racing) 1:37:45.8
2. M-C Surprenant (QC, Club Sportif Bromont) at 3:51.4
3. Alexandra Gelinas (QC, Club Outaouais) 9:12.3
4. Kaitlin Michener (ON, Arrow Racing) 11:19.1
5. Virginie Bégin (QC, CVM Val-David) 16:52.8

Junior Expert Men
1. Raphael Gagne (QC, Brunet/La Vie Sportive) 1:46:17.5
2. Ian McAvity (NB, Darling’s Island) at 8:50.8
3. Leni Gelinas Trudel (QC, Le Yeti) 12:05.8
4. Ryan Anderson (AB, Juventus) 13:24.6
5. Zachary Winn (ON, Impala Bicycles) 14:31.1

Senior Elite Men
1. Roland Green (BC, Kona) 2:08:35.9
2. Kris Sneddon (BC, Kona-Les Gets) at 1:10.1
3. Ricky Federau (BC, Gears Racing) 1:41.9
4. Marty Lazarski (ON, Rocky Mountain-Business Objects) 3:49.5
5. Andrew Watson (ON, Gears Racing) 4:12.1
6. Derek Zandstra (ON, 3 Rox Racing) 6:02.4
7. Roddi Lega (AB, Norco) 8:32.0
8. Mike Northcott (NZ, Jamis) 9:36.6
9. Mike Garrigan (ON, Team Hardwood-Kona) 10:03.6
10. Adam Morka (ON, Team Hardwood) 11:42.8

Senior Elite Women
1. Catharine Pendrel (BC, The Bike Barn) 2:09:22.5
2. Mical Dyck (AB, Terrascape Racing) at 1:47.7
3. Amanda Sin (ON, Bay Cycle-3 Rox Racing) 3:06.3
4. Melanie McQuaid (BC, Orbea) 4:33.5
5. Danelle Kabush (AB, Timex) 5:28.2
6. Heather Morrissey (ON, Bay Cycle-3 Rox Racing) 9:53.9
7. Stephanie Martinek (ON, Arrow Racing-Squire John’s ) 13:28.1
8. Catherine Vipond (ON, Gears Racing) 14:28.2
9. Olivia Gagne (QC, Brunet-La Vie Sportive) 21:37.1
10. Helena Coney (BC, Independent) 22:26.6

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