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MTB Canada Cup #1 — XC Men and Women

May 21, 2005 — The men set out for six laps (+start lap) of the tough Bromont course. It featured a short start loop, a fairly long climb, and then a challenging decent. There was little time to rest on this course, and the rocks quickly took their toll, with several top riders such as Roland Green succumbing on the first lap.

Off the start, a fairly large group formed up the first climb, including Peter Wedge, Roddi Legga, Peter Zandstra, Jesse Jakomait and a few others. The race order shuffled around over the next few laps, with Zandstra getting a 45-second sizable lead before a flat pushed him back. Then Kris Sneddon and Martin Lararski took charge and stormed off the front. Jakomait had a bad crash towards the end of the race that took him out of contention. A hard charge by Guido Visser and Zandstra on the last lap saw them quickly move up, with Visser sprinting for fourth place against Team Hardwood’s Mike Garrigan.

Elite Women’s Race
Today it was all Marie Hélène Prémont the whole time over the entire four-lap course (+ a start loop) for the women. She stormed off the front on the first lap and never looked back, winning with a comfortable 6-minute margin. A group of top riders formed on the first climb including Mical Dyke, Martina Feldman, Jean-Ann McKirdy, Jaqueline Mourad and Catherine Pendral. Positions stayed fairly consistent throughout the race with Pendrel dropping out of this elite group due to a mechanical and chasing back through the pack to sixth place. At the finish it was Dyke in second, Mourad in third, Feldman in fourth and McKirdy in fifth.

Kris Sneddon (1st )
“Very hard course – if you could climb, you could do well. I’m using the Canada Cups to get ready for Nationals, NORBA’s and some World Cups. I had to start from the back of the pack today as I didn’t have a Canada Cup placing. I moved up to the front group after two laps and kept going. I ran 55psi in the rear tire of my hardtail today to avoid flats.”

Marty Lazarski
“Super-tough hilly course, hard to find a rhythm that didn’t result in detonation, no rest on either the climbs or the descents. Training has been good, and I was not expecting to be too fit for this race, but I’m very happy with my condition and placement.”

Marie Hélène Prémont
“I had a good race, I like the short climbs and the technical descents. Next week I’m going to the World Cup in Houfalize, Belgium and hope to improve on my last WC race. The course should suit me with more climbs and technical riding.”

Jean-Ann McKirdy
“I had a great race, had a good start, and got in a group that quickly formed on the front and spread out over the first climb. The descents were challenging, but I really enjoyed the course.”

Elite Men
1. Kris Sneddon (Kona/Les Gets) 2:06:07
2. Martin Lazarski (Rocky Mountain/Business Objects) 2:07:49
3. Peter Wedge (Kona/Les Gets) 2:08:39
4. Guideo Visser (Cycles Lambert) 2:08:45
5. Mike Garrigan (Team Hardwood) 2:08:49
6. Derek Zandstra (Bay Cyle/3 Fox Racing) 2:09:13
7. Andrew Kyle (Sugoi Giant) 2:10:00
8. Andrew Watson (Gears Racing) 2:11:30
9. Adam Morka (Hardwood Hills) 2:12:23
10. Bruno Lafontaine (Equipe Perigy) 2:13:21

Elite Women
1. Marie-Hélèlene Prémont (Rocky Mountain/Business Objects) 1:36:43
2. Mical Dyck (AB, Terrascape Racing) 1:42:54
3. Jaqueline Mourad (Scott) 1:44:30
4. Martina Feldman (Fact Canada) 1:46:56
5. Jean Ann McKirdy (Rocky Mountain/Business Objects) 1:47:20
6. Catherine Pendral (The Bike Barn) 1:50:45
7. Amanda Sin (3 Fox Racing) 1:50:45
8. Madelaine Bate (Terrascape) 1:51:54
9. Julie Sanders (Equipe Xprezo) 1:53:32
10. Nadine Petit (Equipe 3DS-Vm) 1:55:35

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