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Mt Hood Cycling Classic (NRC) — Symmetrics Report

June 4, 2005 – Svein Tuft (Symmetrics Cycling) won the opening 2.5 mile prologue taking the leaders jersey to Stage 2. Tuft posted a time of 5:00.9. Russell Stevenson (Benaroya Research) was 2nd in 5:07.3 and Ryan Trebon (Kona-Les Gets) was 3rd with a time of 5:09.1. This stage win marks the first NRC podium Symmetrics has taken since turning pro in 2005.

Top Canadian women included Leah Goldstein (Trek/Red Truck Beer) in 6th at 5:54.5 and Mandy Poitras (Symmetrics) in 10th at 6:05.9.

Stage 2:
The Cooper Spur Circuit Race, was a hilly 75 miles with 7,000 feet of climbing. The race went from the gun with an early move initiated by Andy Bajidali (Vitamin Cottage), Chuck Coyle (Vitamin Cottage) Ryan Trebon (Kona-Les Gets) and Andrew Pinfold (Symmetrics). The foursome drove it hard to gain a maximum of 1:45 on field. Each of the four riders placed high in the GC from the prologue with Trebon being the highest. Just past the midpoint of the stage the break began to see its cracks with Chuck Coyle being the first to go. With three left in the group:

Trebon, Bajidali and Pinfold, the attacks began and Trebon beginning to feel the effects of the day. As Trebon started to falter, Pinfold flatted leaving Bajidali by himself. The Symmetrics squad began the chase and the main field started to splinter with Trebon and Pinfold rejoining the peloton. Scott Moniger (HealthNet) seized the opportunity to attack the field bridging up to Bajidali who was now solo. With Moniger making it across it was now up to the Symmetrics team to minimize the time loss to keep Tuft in the jersey. Bajidali took the win over Moniger finishing 26 seconds ahead of Tuft who now sits 11 seconds behind Moniger in 3rd place

Stage 3 is a 10.5 mile TT that should play in favour of both Tuft and Wohlberg who need to put as much time into Moniger and Bajidali before the final Stage which finishes with a long 8-mile mountain top finish.

On the women’s side, Leah Goldstein (Trek-Red Truck) took today’s hilly stage and now sits 2nd in the GC. Symmetrics’ Marni Hambleton finished 5th in today’s stage and sits 7th in the GC.

Mens Pro 1/2

1 Andy Bajidali (USA) Vitamin Cottage 3.05.07
2 Scott Moninger (USA) Health Net
3 Tom Peterson (USA) Broadmark Elite 0.26
4 Josh Bezency (USA) Hutch’s
5 Barry Wicks (USA) Kona Les Gets
6 John Hunt (USA) Cal Giant / Village Peddler
7 Svein Tuft (Can) Symmetrics
8 Justin England (USA) Health Net 1.05
9 Ryan Trebon (USA) Kona Les Gets 1.15
10 Aaron Tuckerman (USA) Team Rubicon 1.44

15 Cory Lange (Can) Symmetrics
16 Jake Erker (Can) Symmetrics
25 Brad Fairall (Can) Symmetrics
37 Christian Meier (Can) Symmetrics
39 Eric Wohlberg (Can) Symmetrics
64 Jeff Sherstobitoff (Can) Symmetrics 10.50
65 Andrew Pinfold (Can) Symmetrics
67 Will Routley (Can) Symmetrics
68 Marsh Cooper (Can) Symmetrics
91 Damien Waugh (Can) Rocky Mountain/Adobe
92 Brad Slater (Can) Rocky Mountain/Adobe 19.28

Womens Pro 1-3

1 Leah Goldstein (Can) Trek/Red Truck Beer Racing Team 2.59.19
2 Chrissy Ruiter (USA) Ford-Basis
3 Irene Mercer (USA) Tamarack 0.19
4 Kristin Danielson (USA) Ford-Basis
5 Marni Hambleton (Can) Symmetrics
6 Mara Abbott (USA) Whitman College
7 Marrisa Asplund (USA) Colorado Premier Training
8 Beverley Harper (USA) 0.29
9 Maria Lee (Can) Symmetrics
10 Cynthia Mommsen (USA) The Olympic Club

18 Moriah MacGregor (Can) Dizzy Chicks 0.53
25 Christina Briante (Can) Symmetrics 1.14
29 Mandy Poitras (Can) Symmetrics

GC Men after Stage 2

1 Scott Moninger (USA) Health Net 3.10.22
2 Andy Bajidali (USA) Vitamin Cottage 0.04
3 Svein Tuft (Can) Symmetrics 0.11
4 John Hunt (USA) Cal Giant / Village Peddler 0.37
5 Barry Wicks (USA) Kona Les Gets 0.44
6 Josh Bezency (USA) Hutch’s 0.53
7 Tom Peterson (USA) Broadmark Elite 1.05
8 Ryan Trebon (USA) Kona Les Gets 1.09
9 Justin England (USA) Health Net 1.15
10 Cory Lange (Can) Symmetrics 1.57

17 Jake Erker (Can) Symmetrics 2.12
23 Brad Fairall (Can) Symmetrics 2.27
30 Eric Wohlberg (Can) Symmetrics 2.56
34 Christian Meier (Can) Symmetrics 3.05
64 Andrew Pinfold (Can) Symmetrics 10.48
66 Will Routley (Can) Symmetrics 11.04
67 Jeff Sherstobitoff (Can) Symmetrics 11.16
68 Marsh Cooper (Can) Symmetrics 11.17
90 Damien Waugh (Can) Rocky Mountain/Adobe 19.35
92 Brad Slater (Can) Rocky Mountain/Adobe 20.03

GC Women after Stage 2

1 Chrissy Ruiter (USA) Ford-Basis 3.05.01
2 Leah Goldstein (Can) Trek/Red Truck Beer Racing Team 0.12
3 Cynthia Mommsen (USA) The Olympic Club 0.31
4 Kristin Danielson (USA) Ford-Basis 0.34
5 Alisha Lion (USA) Ford-Basis 0.41
6 Lisa Magness (USA) Hutch’s 0.50
7 Marni Hambleton (Can) Symmetrics 0.51
8 Kele Hulser (USA) Ford-Basis 0.52
9 Beverley Harper (USA) 0.53
10 Maria Lee (Can) Symmetrics 1.00

17 Mandy Poitras (Can) Symmetrics 1.37
19 Moriah MacGregor (Can) Dizzy Chicks 1.41
26 Christina Briante (Can) Symmetrics 1.54

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