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MSA Interviews Part 3 – Raphael Gagne, Guido Visser, Chris Mathis, Patrice Drouin

by Richard Whelan

August 04, 2015 (Mont-Saint-Anne, QC) – For our final round of interviews from MSA’s 25th edition of the UCI MTB World Cup this past weekend we caught with Raphael Gagne (Rocky Mountain) again following his stellar 14th place finish to talk about nutrition, local rider and former star Guido Visser of DH, XC and XC ski fame, Luna head mechanic Chris Mathis who’s been coming to MSA for 23 years, and the main man himself Patrice Drouin, the president of Gestev Inc. that’s been organizing the MSA World Cup since 1991.

Raphael Gagne

Guido Visser

Chris Mathis

Patrice Drouin

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