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Mosport Event Statement By The OCA

April 17, 2006 – Dear members, it’s clear there were some issues regarding the Road O-Cup event that transpired on Saturday at Mosport. We apologize for these errors and are working diligently to rectify them prior to the next event. One of the problems involved the timing and results. Many factors contributed to this including:

* Large field sizes made it difficult for commissaires to track lapped riders (this was the largest O-Cup in many, many years!)
* Wind: the extreme conditions moved the entire stage, tent and therefore camera — this altered the camera angles and caused a couple of errors
* Several duplicate numbers were handed out in error by one of the volunteer organizers for ‘one-day’ racers
* The new OCA bib numbers don’t seem to be as durable as last year (OCA had to switch due to financial problems with previous suppliers)
* Miscommunication with respect to certain category start times led to several riders starting at the wrong time
* A small percentage of racers don’t quite understand how / where to affix their numbers — which creates recording problems at the finish line

We are working at fixing all the problems stated above, as well as some other small issues that contributed.

If you think your result was wrong or missing, please email the OCA office (with your supporting account of what happened) and we will do our best to rectify it immediately.


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