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More Doping Allegations Against Armstrong and Leipheimer

by John Symon

August 7, 2010 – Federal investigators investigating Lance Armstrong (RadioShack) for alleged used performance enhancing drugs have apparently received some corroboration of Floyd Landis’ earlier claims from the New York Times. The Times reported on Wednesday that they spoke to unnamed “former [Armstrong] associates, including cyclists” and others close to the investigation who told of systemic doping at the U.S. Postal Team. Armstrong, who rode for U.S. Postal from 1998-2004, allegedly encouraged this practice. Much of this new evidence apparently comes from a cyclist who ‘has never tested positive’ meaning that it comes from somebody other than Landis.

Those subpoenaed before the investigation will have motivation to speak the truth – U.S. sprinter Marion Jones ended up spending six months in prison in part because she lied to investigators about her own involvement with performance enhancing drugs .

Armstrong, who was on a promotional ride in Denver with Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter on Wednesday, told reporters that he had “nothing to say” about the ongoing investigation.

Meanwhile, more doping accusations were made last week against Levi Leipheimer (USA) Radioshack reports AFP. Hans-Michael Holczer, the former team manager of the Gerolsteiner team, claims that Leipheimer very probably doped before racing in the TdF in 2005 when he rode for the team. That article reveals the financial dilemma which team managers can face when they discover their cyclists may be doping.

As reported previously, Landis confessed to doping in May naming others including Armstrong and Leipheimer. Last week it was announced that Armstrong’s RadioShack team mate, Li Fuyu, had tested positive in March for clenbuterol.

New York Times article here here.
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