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Montreal Scrambles to Keep up With Cyclists

March 30, 2006 — The City of Montreal is rushing to open the city’s extensive system of cycling paths before the “official” opening date of April 15, in order to accommodate the many cyclists already on them.

Ever since a wave of warm weather has hit the Montreal region roughly a week ago, cyclists have reappeared after their winter slumber, reinforcing Montreal’s reputation as one of North America’s cycling hot spots.

The City of Montreal’s spokesperson for Infrastructure, Transport and the Environment, André Lazure, assured that Montreal’s paths are already in a “cyclist-friendly” state, but that certain neighbourhoods are still in the process of cleaning up winter debris from the famous Pistes cyclables which cross the entire island.

Lazure added that traffic lights and pavement markings are yet to be finished before the city’s cycling paths can be considered fully “open.”

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