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Montreal – Quebec Live Coverage

August 7, 2005 – Welcome to Pedal’s live coverage of this year’s Montreal – Quebec, done in co-operation with the Jet Fuel Coffee – Sympatico team. The action is underway, so be sure to keep coming back here for updates of the 270km classic.


1. Dom Rollin (Gypco)
2. Alex Lavallee (VW-Trek)
3. Eneas Fregre (TargetTraining)

5. Peter Morse
6. Joe Giuliano

Rollin rode well to finish ahead of the chasers. The finish was extremely windy and very tough. Peter Morse managed to catch back up after getting dropped on the final climb. Jet Fuel’s Mark Pozniak was coming in for seventh but took a wrong turn.

2km to go: Dom Rollin (Gypco) is solo and looks like he will take it as the riders do the small circuit to the finish. Peter Morse was dropped from the chase up the last climb and is solo, riding for sixth spot. There’s four riders going for second: Giuliano, Lavallee, Aerospace rider and TargetTraining rider. Behind the field is totally shattered in several small groups.

3km to go: Dom Rollin (Gypco) is solo, riding up the final climb with 40s over a group of 5 led by Joe Giuliano (Jet Fuel), Alex Lavallee (VW Trek), Peter Morse, and an Aerospace rider and TargetTraining rider.

– Dom Rollin (Gypco) has attacked the break and has a gap!

23km to go: The break is working smoothly, and has put more time into Czelav’s group; they’re now falling further behind at 2m10s. The main field – which is now just 33 riders – is 4 minutes behind. Joe Giuliano (Jet Fuel – Sympatico) is in the lead move and has said that he believes Dom Rollin (Gypco) appears to be the strongest in the break.

215km covered: The break is now 11 riders. Ital’s Sanowar has been dropped, and the leaders are beginning the rolly hills; Donnaconna is 4km away. Czelav’s group is slowing down, they are now 1m50s behind and the 11 leaders have 4 minutes on the main group.

205km covered: The three-man break is getting closer and closer to the 13 leaders. In that chase group, there is previously mentioned Czeslaw Lukaszewicz (Opus), Osmond Bakker (Cyclelogik) and VW rider Martin Gilbert.

200km covered: Here’s the situation. A 13-rider break is leading the way, with Czeslaw’s three-man chase now only 1m10s behind. The pack has also split – there’s 30 riders 2m30s behind the break, with the rest of the field at 3m00s.

– Here’s some more info on the break. There’s 13 riders, not eight, as previously reported. In it are, among others, Gypco’s Dom Rollin, TargetTraining’s Justin Spinelli, Italpasta’s Peter Sanowar, Jet Fuel’s Joe Giuliano and Mark Pozniak, VW’s Alex Lavalee and Martin St. Laurent and Chain Reaction’s Peter Morse. We also know that there is a Pavan rider, another Target rider, and two PremierTech (from Quebc) riders.

Behind, there’s a three-man group being led by none other than Czeslaw Lukaszewicz.

185km covered: The break has 3m10s on the lead group, but there’s a three-man chase group that is halfway inbetween – 1m30s ahead of the field.

170km covered. The eight man break has 2m10s – the gap is dropping, but the four man chase group is not making any time – they’re at 1m52s.

155km covered: Some time updates. The break of 8 has 2m30s on the main pack, but there’s a chase group now that has put 40 seconds into the field, 1m50s behind the break.

150km covered. The gap is increasing – the eight riders have 3m10s.

145km covered: Break update. Looks like there is a French National team rider here. So that should mean every of the “big teams” has someone up here. There’s still a long way to go though…

141km covered: Two riders have been dropped from the break – one from Espoir de Laval, another Gypco. The pace is fast, the group is working very well together with a sizable gap hovering at 2m30s.

– Tim Johnson update: The Jittery Joes rider crashed earlier and has been taken away in an ambulance. His partner, Lyne Bessette, who is riding with the men today has stopped to go see how he is. Hopefully he will be ok, he did walk inside the ambulance.

135km covered: Here’s an update on the break. VW’s Alex Lavalee, Italpasta’s Peter Sanowar, Jet Fuel’s Joe Giuliano and Mark Pozniak, three Gypcos, one Espoir Laval, but no French national team rider, so they should be chasing most likely. 2km from sprint for $500 at Trois Rivieres.

– Update on the 10-man break. There’s two Jet Fuel riders – Joe Giuliano and Mark Pozniak, a Italpasta rider, a Gypco rider, and a VW rider, so all the major teams are in there.

120km covered: The gap of the lead 10 has gone up to 2m30s.

110km covered: There’s a break of 10 riders that have broken clear with a gap of 1m40s. We will try and get the names A.S.A.P.

69km covered: A break is away with the following riders: Gregoire (Ste. Foy), Stunder (Espoir Laval), Heath Cockburn (LaBicicletta, Martin St. Laurent (VW-Trek) and Gypco’s Lefevbre. 15 seconds behind them are Justin Spinelli (TargetTraining), Jetfuel’s Joe Giuliano, and Sebastien Moquin (Gypco).

59km covered: Tim Johnson (Jittery Joes) has crashed.

For more about the Jet Fuel Coffee – Sympatico team visit www.cyclingteam.info

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