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Moab Rocks Day 3 Report and Final GC – Canada’s Kabush and Rochette Win Overall

by Ben Andrew

March 29, 2017 (Moab, Utah) – Canada’s Geoff Kabush (Scott Sports – Maxxis) and Mahalie Rochette (Cliff Bar) took top honours in the men’s and women’s Moab Rocks 3-Day race which. The pair not only secured the overall in their respective categories, but also both won the final stages of their races on Monday.

Geoff Kabush  ©  courtesy of Moab Rocks
Kabush won his third straight stage in the event, extending his lead in the overall. He beat American Justin Lindine to the line by 8.5 seconds on Day 3, who also took second in the overall at 59 seconds behind Kabush. Ben Sonntag finished third on the final stage as well as third on GC at 50 seconds behind Kabush on the stage and 1:56 down overall. Canadian Jason Wiebe of Manitoba concluded Moab Rocks with a 10th place finish on Day 3, securing 9th overall in the final standings.

Maghalie Rochette  ©  courtesy of Moab Rocks
Rochette continued her upward progression through the three days of racing, taking the win on the final stage and also locking up the top step of the podium in the overall. She beat teammate Lea Davison by 4:21.3 on the stage, with Jena Greaser finishing third at 5:42 back. With this performance, Rochette finished 4:08.6 ahead of Greaser in the final GC, with Marlee Dixon finishing third at 11:46 behind. Canadian Rachel Pageau finished 11th on the stage and 11th overall after three consistent days of racing.

Final GC Open Men podium (l-r) Lindine 2nd, Kabush 1st, Sonntag 3rd  ©  courtesy of Moab Rocks
Final GC Open Women podium (l-r) Greaser 2nd, Rochette 1st, Dixon 3rd  ©  courtesy of Moab Rocks
Results (brief)

Open Men (3 day)
1. Geoff Kabush (Can) 2:00:10.7
2. Justine Lindine (USA) 2:00:19.2
3. Ben Sobntag (USA)  2:01:00.5
4. Chris Baddick (USA) 2:04:00.3
5. Rotem Ishay (USA) 2:06:01.3

10. Jason Wiebe (Can) 2:06:58.9

Open Women (3 Day)
1. Maghalie Rochette (Can) 2:22:02.7
2. Lea Davison (USA) 2:26:24.0
3. Jena Greaser (USA) 2:27:44.8
4. Ksenia Lepikhina (USA) 2:28:43.3
5. Marlee Dixon (USA) 2:30:07.2

11.  Rachel Pageau (Can) 2:54:03.8

Full results here.

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