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MIVA Tuesday Criterium – June 5

release by the Mid Island Velo Association

June 05, 2013 (Nanaimo, BC) – This week’s MIVA Tuesday Criterium took place at Arbutus Meadows Equestrian Centre, Nanaoose Bay. It was a 50-lap points criterium with sprints every 5 laps. Top three get 5, 3, 2 points. Double points on 15th and final laps.

All categories started together. The top twelve riders stayed together through the first of 10 sprints, which was won by Ian Smith, from Menno Jongsma with Mark Wieler third . These twelve stayed intact through the second prime, won by Menno, with Rob Russell second and Jessica Reynolds, (lapped) third. Over the next fifteen laps, the weaker riders in the bunch were shed one by one until there were just four left: Ian, Menno, Rob and Ray, with Chris Cameron just ten seconds back in fifth.Soon afterwards, Rob Russell retired leaving thee lead trio taking time and laps out of most of the rest of the field Chris soldiered on, losing a little each lap but steadily catching the stragglers. The sixthe sprint at thirty laps was won by the classy Mr. Smith, with Ray in second and Nick Kupiak (lapped) taking third, the two points eventually giving him third place overall in front of the other riders at two laps down. Ian gave the ninth sprint to Ray and then easily left him to finish alone with over fifty points total and having completed the race in 47′ 41″ with Ray seventeen seconds down and Chris Cameron taking third a lap down.

There were nineteen riders out tonight to enjoy one of the best evening this year.

1. Ian Smith (MIVA) 51 points
2. Ray Wagner (CVCC) 21 points
3. Chris Cameron (MIVA) -1 lap
4. Nick Kupiak (MIVA) -2 laps 2 points
5. Scott Dolan (MIVA) -2 laps
6. Evan Earp – Jones (OBB / MIVA) -2 laps
7. Bil McMillan (MIVA) -3 laps 6 points
8. Brodie Hay (Vipyrs) -3 laps 2 points
9. Patrick Burnham (MIVA) -3 laps
10. Shepherd Stewart (MIVA) -3 laps
11. Bruce Perry (MIVA) -3 laps
12. Matt Allardyce (MIVA) -4 laps
13. Mike Gill (MIVA) -5 laps
14. Rob Russell (MIVA) DNF 24 points
15. Menno Jongsma (MIVA) DNF 22 points
16. Mark Wieler (Arrowsmith/MIVA) DNF 2 points
17. Mark Grant (Vipyrs) DNF

1. Jessica Reynolds (Vipyrs) 25 laps
2. Charlene Hay (MIVA) 23 laps

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