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MIVA Tuesday Criterium – Aug. 15 Report, Results

release by MIVA

August 17, 2011 (Nanaimo, BC) – What a pleasant surprise greeted us as we set up registration tonight when we saw the familiar face of Josh Hall. Josh was a regular participant in the Midweek Club criteriums that we ran for ten years in Mississauga. Watching him ride during the criterium it was obvious that he had lost none of his skills as he demonstrated to the others how to win primes!

Unlike last week’s race, there were no successful breakaways until the final laps. The bunch stayed pretty much together and any attempts to ride off the front were immediately neutralised by the rest of the pack who spent much of their energy riding against each other. After each prime, the bunch reassembled and settled down, still watching each other.

After the last intermediate sprint, the pack eased yet again and Everti’s fast master, Mike Sevcov took the opportunity to grab three, four, and then five seconds. As the final lap started, Mike was still a few hundred metres off the front and, despite the efforts of Warren Muir (OBB) and Iain Hay (MIVA), that’s the way the race finished, with the rest of the pack drifting in to record the same time.

After the event, club president Peter McCaffery, thanked Warren for his continued support for the Tuesday criteriums and presented him with a MIVA skin suit on behalf of the club. When he moves to Calgary for the
winter, Warren will doubtless make good use of it on the Glenmore Park velodrome.

Since there was only one participant in both the women’s and youth categories, Brodie Hay and Glenda Harling each picked up an easy twelve points.

Thanks to Iain Hay and Rob Russell for course set up and take down, to Kit McCaffery for registration and bell/lap board duties, and to Kyle Waring for helping tidy up the finish area.

Starting next week, the Tuesday criteriums and the Thursday time trials will start at 6.30pm.

Men – 40 laps
1. Mike Sevcov (Everti) 1:09:53 12 points
2. Warren Muir (OBB) s.t. 10
3. Iain Hay (MIVA) s.t. 9
4. Aaron Amar (Trail Bikes/Eatmore) s.t. 8
5. Rob Bau MIVA s.t. 7
6. Kyle Waring (MIVA) s.t. 6
7. Normon Thibault (Frontrunners) s.t. 4
8. Josh Hall (ex. Jet Fuel) s.t. 3
9. Bryan Rehill (HCTC/MIVA) s.t. 2
10. Justin Mark (Steed Cycles) s.t. 2
11. Bill McMillan (MIVA) s.t. 2
11. Kirby Villeneuve (NMB/MIVA) s.t. 2
11. Gary Croom (MIVA) s.t. 2
11. Robert Russell (MIVA) At 5s 2
15. Mark Wieler (Arrowsmith) at 10s 2
DNF Doug Merrick (CVCC) crash 2

Josh Hall (ex. Jet Fuel)
Warren Muir (OBB)
Josh Hall (ex. Jet Fuel)
Josh Hall (ex. Jet Fuel)

Women – 36 laps
1. Glenda Harling (Everti) 1:10:18 12 points

Youth – 34 laps
1. Brodie Hay (MIVA) 1:10:23 12 points

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