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MIVA News – Boxwood Criterium Results and Two Sunday Crits Announced

release by the Mid Island Velo Association

July 20, 2011 (Nanaimo, BC) – MIVA (Mid Island Velo Association is pleased to announce two Sunday criteriums on July 31st. and August 21st. These events will be held on the popular Boxwood circuit in Nanaimo and are open to all holders of BC citizens licence or UCI licences. Categories are expert, intermediate and novice. Registration opens 1pm, first race at 2pm. BC upgrading points available. Entry fee $10, youth $5.

MIVA Boxwood Criterium July 19th Results

The 40 laps (46km) Boxwood Circuit held on July 19th saw 14 riders start. After the two neutral laps, the group stayed together until lap eight, when Iain Hay, Warren Muir and Ron Hewitson rolled off the front. Within a lap, they were joined by Lionel Space and Kirby Villeneuve but the break was hauled in by a fast moving bunch. Immediately, Muir broke again, this time taking Rob Russell with him but the duo was soon caught and at the bell for the first prime, the bunch was all together again. The prime was taken by Muir, with Space and Russell in hot pursuit.

This trio stayed at the front for another lap and then Ian Smith tried to get away, followed by Space and Russell. Within a lap, Lionel and Rob eased off the pace but Rob was then joined by Mike Sevcov and the pair took ten seconds out of the rest of the pack. This move looked dangerous with two strong riders off the front and several riders attempted to bridge, with Muir, Sevcov and Smith getting across the gap. This proved to be the vital move and the quintette steadily pulled away from the main group.

The evening was very warm and humid and this resulted in three riders abandoning in quick succession. The remainder of the chasers gradually split apart and were lapped by the hard-working break with only Iain Hay managing to latch on to the leaders and Rob Bau, a further lap down able to draft until the finish. Thanks to Iain and Brodie Hay for course set up and take down, to Kit McCaffery for registration, prime recording and to Mrs. Hay for lap board.


Warren Muir OBB 1h 09′ 13″ 12
Lionel Space MIVA s.t. 10
Ian Smith MIVA s.t. 9
Mike Sevcov Everti s.t. 8
Rob Russell MIVA s.t. 7
Iain Hay MIVA At 1 lap 6
Rob Bau MIVA At 1 lap 5
Phil Birrer MIVA At 1 lap 4
Mark Wieler Arrowsmith DNF 2
Ron Hewitson NMC DNF 2
Kirby Villeneuve MIVA DNF 2


WOMEN, 36 laps

Glenda Harling Everti 1h 09′ 27″ 12
Charlene Hay MIVA At 1 lap 10


YOUTH, 34 laps

Brodie Hay MIVA 1h 10′ 04″ 12


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