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MIVA News – Boxwood Criterium Results and Gabriola ITT Info

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June 22, 2011 (Nanaimo, BC) – The report and results from yesterday evening’s MIVA Boxwood Criteriuam are below. A reminder that the MIVA time trial this Thursday is on Gabriola Island. The 6:10 pm ferry from Nanaimo will get participants to Gabriola at 6:40 pm and the start, just past the RCMP station on South road, is about five minute from the ferry terminal.

For this week only, there is no entry fee. The time trial will be counter-clockwise around the island and will finish just before the elementary school on North Road. Further information at pakamac@gmail.com or here.

MIVA Tuesday Criterium Report – June 21 – 40 laps (46km)
The race started with three neutralised laps and then Rob Russell took an early lead, sitting just off the front of the pack. At the bell for the first of five primes, he still had a slight lead but this soon disappeared and the prime was won by Warren Muir, with Rob Bau in close pursuit. Then Mike Sevcov did his characteristic turn off the front but the fast-moving bunch didn’t let him stay out as long as usual.

Comox fast man, Ray Wagner then spent the next five laps out front but was never more than ten seconds up and was reeled in a couple of laps before the second prime, which was again won by Warren Muir. Muir kept up the increased pace, taking Lionel Space with him but the bunch, sensing that it was risky to leave the OBB sprinter in the lead,hauled the pair back.

Over the next couple of laps, first Mike Sevcov, then Ron Hewitson, showed the way but, before the bell for prime three at fifteen laps to go, the group were together once more and the sprint was won yet again by Muir with Chris Cameron, Ray Wagner and Mike Sevcov in hot pursuit. Next time round, the bunch had once again con -solidated and it stayed that way until two laps before the fourth prime. Then Sevcov took off once again, with Rob Russell and the pair manage to hang on for the next couple of laps, with the Everti master,winning the sprint.

Mike was joined by Wagner and they stayed away for one more lap for just one lap with the race coming together shortly before the final prime at two laps to go. This last prime was won by Bill McMillan, who just edged Chris Cameron and Kyle Waring.

As the pack came past the line for the final lap, they were led by David Beggs and the ubiquitous Sevcov but at the finish, it was Lionel Space nipping Ron Hewitson and Warren Muir, with Mike Sevcov hanging on for fourth place and Chris Cameron rounding out the top five.

There being only one competitor in each of the women’s and Youth categories, Glenda Harling and Brodie Hay both got a dozen easy points.

Thanks to Iain and Brodie Hay for course set-up and take down, to Al Henderson for lap board and flag, and to Olivia Bau who did a great job as bell girl.

The results will be sent to Cycling BC so that all licensed participants will get their upgrade points.


1. Lionel Space (MIVA) 1:9.37 12 points
2. Ron Hewitson (Nanaimo MTB Club) 10
3. Warren Muir (OBB) 9
4. Mike Sevcov (Everti) 8
5. Chris Cameron (Nanaimo MTB Club) 7
6. Ray Wagner (CVCC) 6
7. Kirby Villeneuve (NMB/MIVA) 5
8. Dave Beggs (DITM) 4
9. Kyle Waring (MIVA) 3
10. Mark Wieler (Arrowsmith) 2
11. Iain Hay (MIVA) 2
12. Gary Croome (MIVA) 2
13. Bill McMillan (Nanaimo MTB Club) 2
14. Robert Bau (MIVA) Lapped 2
15. Dave Kenny (MIVA) Lapped 2
16. Drew Cooper (MIVA) Lapped 2
17. Robert Russell (MIVA) DNF 1

1. Glenda Harling (Everti) 12 points

1. Brodie Hay (MIVA) 12 points

Kit McCaffery (MIVA) Registration 5 points

Iain Hay (MIVA) Set up
Brodie Hay (MIVA) Set up
Al Henderson (Ind.) Lap board/flag 5 points
Olivia Bau (MIVA) Bell 5

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