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MIVA News – Boxwood Circuit and Nanaimo ITT

release by Mid Island Velo Association

July 15, 2011 (Nanaimo, BC) – After last week’s incident with an imbecile truck driver, the caution signs and cones were  carefully located and photographed for the benefit of the city, who issued the permit. The  truck driver had shown up in his car and immediately started hassling the riders who were warming up. He was reminded that if there was any trouble, we had been instructed to put in a 911 call to the RCMP and that seemed to shut him up. He did stay for a while but, when he saw that the organiser was riding shotgun behind the bunch, he finally took off.

As there were only eleven starters for tonight’s Boxwood Circuit, on July 12th, 45 minutes plus 5 laps, including a welcome visitor from the Yukon, it was decided to shorten the race to 45 minutes plus five laps. The bunch stayed together until 8 laps, when Warren Muir shot up on the inside at the last minute to steal the first prime. He repeated this for the second prime at 18 laps (must have been inspired by watching Cavendish and Greiple).There were a few abortive attempts to break away, notably by Rob Russell but, after letting him sit in the wind for a while, the group had no trouble in hauling him in. Prime 3 at 23 laps was taken easily by Mike Sevcov who seems to choose this sprint every week to show his mettle. Then the bunch regrouped and at the final prime, Warren Muir again showed his top end speed. With two laps to go, Rob Russell again took off and established a ten second lead but he had no fuel left in the tank and he was again absorbed just prior to the bell lap.

At the finish, Muir again showed his superiority with Lionel Space, who had remained almost invisible for most of the race, coming in second. And Ian Smith rounding out the top trio.

Thanks to Iain Hay for course set up and take down, and to Kit McCaffery for registration and officiating (her first commissairing assignment in over five years).

RESULTS                                              PTS

Warren Muir OBB 54′ 31″ 12
Lionel Space MIVA s.t. 10
Ian Smith MIVA s.t. 9
Aaron Foos CAY (Yukon) s.t. 8
Mike Sevcov Everti s.t. 7
Normon Thibault Frontrunners s.t. 6
Bryan Rehill HCTC s.t. 5
Mark Wieler Arrowsmith/MIVA s.t. 4
Iain Hay MIVA s.t. 3
Kyle Waring MIVA s.t. 2
Rob Russell MIVA At 17″ 2


Ian Smith MIVA 95
Lionel Space MIVA 86
Warren Muir OBB 78
Mike Sevcov Everti 78
Iain Hay MIVA 65
Kyle Waring MIVA 56
Mark Wieler Arrowsmith/MIVA 47
Rob Bau MIVA 46
Ray Wagner CVCC 42
Chris Cameron Nanaimo RC 41


Nanaimo ITT

Most of the day it rained and the organiser went out to the start area expecting that maybe a couple of hardy soul would show up. However, there were six participants and the course was dry,humidity high, and just a light wind.

Lone woman, Colleen Wtorek was first off and rode steadily to get her 12 points. In the men’s event, Iain Hay and Kyle Waring  had elected to ride a two up time trial and were faster than all except Don Gillmore, who started last and finished first with a time just over half a minute slower than his record for the distance on the Nanaimo River course.

MEN                             PTS
Don Gillmore    MIVA    27′ 25″    12
Robin Dutton    Everti    33′ 51″    10
Corey Friesen     HCTC/MIVA    34′ 52″    9

Colleen Wtorek    HCTC    39′ 11″    12

Kyle Waring/Iain Hay    MIVA    32′ 06″    12

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