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MIVA CX Clinic # 3, Race – Report, Results

release by MIVA

October 28, 2011 (Nanaimo, BC) – Tonight’s clinic was on running with the bike, and uphill and downhill cross camber riding plus uphill turning. Nine people showed up, with a mix of experienced and green riders. All showed considerable improvement inboth skills and a couple of squeamish riders got much braver during both the clinic and the race.

At the conclusion of the clinic, there was a half-hour race which included the cross camber section, a flight of steps, and dismounts of two barriers sixty metres apart with the option of riding or running between them.

All started together and John Lam took n early lead, powering away from the rest of the riders in the first few hundred meters. He had a twenty second lead by the end of the first lap on a a group of four men that included Kirby Villeneuve, Shawn Boyd, Ron Hewitson (who had joined the race just after the start) and Justin Mark. Simon Weber was near the tail of the field, followed by Tim Stokes ring a mountain bike – not an advantage on the fast course.

By the end of lap two, Lam had increased his lead to twenty-three seconds and the chasing quartette had started to spread out, with Kirby moving into second place, Justin speeding up into third, Shawn staying in fourth and Ron down into fifth. Simon and Tim were both dropping back

With three laps completed, Lam still hung onto the lead,but was now only fifteen seconds ahead of Mark, who had passed Villeneuve and was moving faster with every lap. Boyd had also moved up – to third – with Hewitson and Villeneuve, who was feeling the effects of a leg injury, hanging on about ten seconds back. Weber was now almost a full lap down and Stokes had just been lapped by al the other men.

As the riders cross the line on lap four, Lam was holding onto his lead but was now only eight seconds up on Mark who was riding stronger with every lap. Hewitson had now moved into third with Boyd close behind. Villeneuve was now definitely in trouble and elected to ride around the barriers, a move which favoured his leg but resulted in his eventual disqualification. Weber was now also lapped but was half a lap up on Stokes, who soldiered on on his slow machine.

At the conclusion of lap five, the race was well into its second half and Justin Mark had finally caught John Lam, passing him as they started lap six. Ron Hewitson had ridden into third place, about twenty seconds down on the lead duo, with Shawn Boyd now in fourth and looking set to move up further Kirby Villeneuve was still hanging on to fifth place but was dropping back. The two tail-enders were now both lapped and continued on at their own pace.

In the last three laps, Justin increased his lead steadily, completing each lap faster than the previous one and finishing in just under thirty-one and a half minutes. Shawn moved into second place and managed to limit the leader’s advantage to just over twenty seconds. John held on to third place, a further 11 seconds down and Kirby crossed the line a further minute down. Ron had faded considerably and rolled in to finish over two minutes behind Justin. Simon and Tim completed seven and six laps respectively.

In the women’s category, Vicki Boyd took an early lead by the end of lap one, with Rose Houle just behind and Judy Villeneuve bringing up the rear. By the end of lap two, however, Judy was still in the lead but Judy had moved into second spot with Rose close on her tail.

As they crossed the line next lap Vicki and Judy were together, but then Vicki stopped to take of multitudinous layers of clothing (I bet she won’t overdress next time!) and Judy moved into the lead. Rose was now about fifteen seconds back.

Going into lap five, Boyd had regained the lead and, for the balance of the race, pulled steadily ahead of the other two girls, eventually completing the eight laps almost two minutes ahead of Villeneuve and over two and a half minutes in advance of Houle.

Thanks to Dave Kenny for helping set up the course and to all for a very quick take down.

The final clinic next Thursday will start at 4.30pm with a quick review of the three previous weeks and the race will start at 5pm so we can finish in daylight.

MEN – 9 laps
1. Justin Mark (MIVA) 31:26
2. Shawn Boyd (MIVA) at 0:23
3. John Lam (MIVA) 0:34
4. Ron Hewitson (MIVA/NMB) 2:04
5. Simon Weber (Ind.) -2 laps
6. Tim Stokes (Ind.) -3 laps
Kirby Villeneuve (MIVA) Disq. Cut course

Women – 8 laps
1. Vicki Boyd (MIVA) 30:25
2. June Villeneuve (Ind.) at 1:45
3. Rose Houle (MIVA) 2:38

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