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MIVA Coal City Boxwood Criterium June 28, July 5 Results

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July 06, 2016 (Nanaimo, BC) – The Coal City Boxwood Criterium, 40 laps, held on June 28 was one of the best MIVA points criteriums in the last couple of years! Although there was a small field, nearly all the riders were out to score and only four failed to get prime points.

We had three new starters – Joel de Schiffert, Lech Pekesza, and Angelina Landry, who leads the MIVA Intermediate rides on Wed- nesday evenings so the riders agreed to an initial neutralised 5 laps.  Once the race proper was underway, the pack rode aggressively, with even the newbies showing at the front.

The first of the 7 primes was won by Normon Thibault who edged  Junior, Ayden Houle and MIVA’s Neil Bryant. The  action continued throughout the race, with the next sprint  taken by Cycle Therapy’s Dave Beggs from Normon and James Sage (MIVA).

The third prime was for double points, where Patrick Burnham, the club’s equipment manager, held off first-timer, Joel de Schiffert and Mike Sevcov (Cycle Therapy).

Results for the next three sprint were spread around as follows:
4th, Aiden, Joel, James
5th. Patrick, James, Dave
6th. Lech, Dave, Ayden

With only the final sprint left to contest, Patrick was leading, with 15 points, with Ayden and Joel having 10 points each, Normon close behind with 8 and Dave and Lee Zavarise with 6, so it was still anybody’s race. As the pack rounded the final turn and sped to the  line, Ayden came surging through to take maximum points and the overall win, with MIVA regulars Lee Zavarise and Mike McCarney earning six and four respectively to put them on the scoreboard. Congrats. To our first-timers, who all were in evidence at the front  of the pack and two of whom scored sprint points; well done!

MIVA Coal City Boxwood Criterium – June 28 Results

MIVA June 28 Results  ©

MIVA Coal City Boxwood Criterium – July 5 Results
50 Minutes plus 5 laps 39.1km

1. Ayden Houle (MIVA) 1:00:46, 12
2. Kevin Park (CVAA S3) s.t., 12
3. Lee Zavarise (MIVA MB) s.t., 10
4. Patrick Burnham (MIVA MB) s.t., 9
5. Mike Sevcov (Cycle Therapy MD) s.t., 8
6. James Sage (MIVA MB) s.t., 7
7. Dr. Steve Crowley (MIVA MB) s.t., 6
8. Normon Thibault (Frontrunners/MIVA MB) 0:20, 5
DNF Mattys Redelinghuis (MIVA S5)  s.t., 2
DNF Nick Kupiak (Broad Street Cycles S2) s.t., 2

– Patrick Burnham
– James Sage
– Kevin Park

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