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MIVA Boxwood Criterium Report, Results – June 11

release by MIVA

June 12, 2013 (Nanaimo, B.C.) – Last night’s MIVA midweek race consisted of a 40-lap points criterium with primes every five laps, awarding 5, 3, and 2 points for the top three and double points at 20 and 40 laps. The skies were overcast, with lots of rain to the north and south but tonight’s race was fortunately dry. Sixteen men and one woman participated, with the men doing forty laps and the woman, sprint runner Laurie Ritchie, competing in her first criterium.

Right from the start, the pace was faster than usual, with Chris Cameron making an early break and comfortably won first of the eight sprints with John Lam and Mark Wieler. Taking the rest of the points fifteen seconds down.

Chris continued his solo attack for another four laps but was finally caught by the pack just before the second prime. Ian Smith won this, with Mark taking second and Chris hanging on for the two points. Then it was CVCC’s Ray Wagner attempting another lone break but he too was soon reeled in.

Now, fast man Ian Smith came to the front to take the third sprint from Chris and Aaron Milan. He also took the double points prime at the half way point, with Aaron and Chris in second and third.

A lap later Mike Sevcov, Cowichan Valley, rode of the front of the pack and stayed ten seconds up until the bell for sprint number five but he too was caught just before the line, coming in fourth behind Ray Wagner, John Lam and the ever-present Ian Smith.

Now, Ray turned on the gas and quickly established the winning break, with only Ian, John and Mark staying with him. As the pace rose, first John and then Mark lost contact and returned to the pack which was not working together. The two escapees gradually pulled ahead, gaining about five seconds per lap and took the first two places for sprint number six, with Chris Cameron at the front of the pack taking third. They also shared the seventh sprint and continued to the finish, with Ian Smith winning in one hour and six minutes for the forty-two and a half kilometres. Ray Wagner finished second in the same time and Chris Cameron led the pack in forty seconds later.

Lone woman Laurie Ritchie rode a solo event, taking the opportunity to try some bunch riding when she was lapped.

This was the fastest event on the Boxwood circuit to date

– Rose Houle did bell and lap board
– Kyle Waring, Brodie Hay and Debbie? covered the corners.
– Iain Hay and Brodie set up and took down the course.

1. Ian Smith (MIVA) 40 points
2. Ray Wagner (CVCC) 16
3. Chris Cameron (MIVA) 16
4. Aaron Milan (CVCC) 11
5. Mark Wieler (MIVA/Arrowsmith) 7
6. John Lam (MIVA) 6
7. Evan Earp Jones (MIVA/Victoria Wheelers) 4
8. Nick Kupiak (MIVA)
9. Scott Doran (CVCC)
10. Mike Sevcov (Cowichan Valley)
11. Shepherd Stewart (MIVA)
12. Matt Allardyce (MIVA)
13. Colby Large (Giant)
14. Bill McMillan (MIVA)
15. Iain Hay (MIVA) lapped
16. Mike Gill (MIVA) lapped

Women, 20 laps
1. Laurie Ritchie (MIVA)

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