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MIVA Boxwood Criterium Report May 14

release by MIVA

May 16, 2013 (Nanaimo, BC) – Ian Smith and Chris Cameron broke away after first preem and worked together until lap 30 and were only 150 metres from lapping the pack. Then Ian dropped Chris and lapped them, eventually finishing in 53′ 40″ a hundred metres ahead.

All corners were covered and there was Google help with bell and lap board
as well as marshaling, Iain and Brodie Hay set up and took down the course. The other helpers were:  Al Henderson from Slow Spokes, Patrick Burnham, Evan Earp,  and Jason ? Whom I have never seen.



1.   Chris Cameron. 31 points
2.   Ian Smith.          30
3.   Menno Jongsma 17. at 1lap,
4.   Steve Struthers.   5.      ”
5.   Mike Sevcov.       4.       “.   Cowichan Cycles
6.   Nick Kupiak.        3.       ”
7.   Shepherd Stewart.          ”
8.   Shawn Boyd.                  ”
9.   Steve Crowley.               ”
10.  Mark Wieler.                  “.   Arrowsmith
11.  Adam McConnell.    At 2 laps
12.  Bill McMillan.               ”
13.  Phil Birrer.               Lapped
14.  Mike Gill.                Lapped

1.   Glenda Harling.  Cowichan Cycles
2.   Charlene Hay. at 1lap

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