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MIVA Boxwood 40km Criterium June 2 Report, Results

release by MIVA

June 04, 2015 (Nanaimo, BC) – Although there were only 13 starters, due no doubt to the threat of rain, this was the fastest event of the year, with the top six exceeding 40kph. For the first seven laps the pack stayed together, despite the initial high pace, then Justin Mark (Steed Cycles) and Nick Kupiak (Broad Street Cycles) accelerated off the front to test the waters. A second group of four – Sean De Pol and John Lam (MIVA), Ray Wagner (CVCC) and Mark Grant (LUMA) made a successful chase and joined the lead duo. A second chase group of four was not so lucky, and was left to linger in no man’s land for the next 20 laps, finally being lapped with nine laps left. The rest of the starters, were ridden off the back one by one and were lapped more times by the lead group.

The first of the two primes was won by Nick Kupiak with the rest of the points taken by Mark Grant and Justin. The 2nd prime however was taken by Justin, with John Lam and Ray Wagner in second and third. This gave the Steed Cycles sprinter enough points to claim the classy Longwood Brewery tankard to add to his collection. At the finish, Nick, Mark Grant and Justin gained a couple of seconds on the remaining unlapped trio and finished in that order, with John Lam coming in fourth. A couple of seconds ahead of Ray Wagner, and Sean De Pol, cramping up to finish a further five seconds back. Thanks to our marshals and to equipment manager Iain Hay and son Brodie for course set up and take down.


1. Nick Kupiak Broad Street Cycles 59:10
2. Mark Grant LUMA s.t.
3. Justin Mark Steed Cycles s.t.
4. John Lam MIVA 0:02
5. Ray Wagner Comox Valley C. C. 0:03
6. Sean De Pol MIVA 0:08
7. Steve Crowley MIVA -1 lap
8. Brodie Hay Dr. Walker -1 lap
9. Bill McMillan MIVA lapped
10. Iain Hay MIVA lapped
11. Phil Birrer MIVA lapped
12. Mike Gill MIVA lapped
DNF Mark Wieler Arrowsmith

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