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MIVA 44km Criterium Report, Results

release by MIVA

May 21, 2015 (Nanaimo, BC) –  We had a total of 27 starters tonight – best this season. The pack stayed intact for a while The first prime was won by Nick Kupiak (Broad Street Cycles).with Janna Gillick (Cowichan Cycles) taking the women’s sprint, the first of 5 primes for her.

Sprint number 2, after 15 laps was won by Justin Mark (BCBR) with MIVA’s Steve Crowley and Brodie Hay (Dr. Walker) in 2nd and 3rd positions. Just after this, a break of 7 went off the front and this proved to be the winning move. Nick, Justin and Aaron were joined by John Lam (MIVA), James and Mark Grant (Dr. Walker) and Sean Lunney (OBB). The septet gained 5 seconds every lap, and, just after sprint 3, won by Mark Grant, with Justin and James just behind, were coming up behind the main group when there was a crash involving Rob Bau and Mike Gill. Immediately, the lead group went into neutralised phase and eased off, letting the others pull away after reorganising themselves. Mike abandoned but Rob went on to finish.

Sprint 5 at 5 laps to go, was taken byMark Grant, with brother James close behind. The main group avoided getting cught again as the leaders were playing cat and mouse, setting up for the finish.

Final results saw Nick Kupiak outsprinting James and Mark Grant, with the top 6 completed by Aaron, Justin and John (well done Mr. Lam for staying with the break!) Janna got second in the main pack and won the women’s category, with Cheryl Morch placing a very creditable category second only 2 places behind. Jessica Reynolds (Dr. Walker) completed the women’s trio.

Thanks to the marshals and course set-up, take down crew. Also, a tip of the helmet to the riders for playing the safety card after the crash and when vehicles ventures onto the circuit.

Next week’s race is at Arbutus Meadows and should be lots of fun, with a pre-race miss and out thrown in.


1. Nick Kupiak (Broad Street Cycles) 1:13.27, 12pts
2. James Grant    Dr. Walker) 11
3. Mark Grant (Dr. Walker) 10
4. Aaron Foos (Yukon) 9
5. Justin Mark (BC Bike Race) 8
6. John Lam (MIVA) 7
7. Sean Lunney (Oak Bay Bikes) 6
8. Mike Sevcov (Cowichan Valley C.C.) 1:29, 5
9. Janna Gillick (Cowichan Cycles) 12
10. Brodie Hay (Dr. Walker) 4
11. Sean De Pol (MIVA) 3
12. Cheryl Morch (MIVA) 10
13. Mike McCarney (MIVA) 2
14. Ron Bau (MIVA) 2
15. Bill McMillan (MIVA) 2
16. Steve Crowley (MIVA) 2
17. Ron Hewitson (MIVA) 1:45, 2
18. Jessica Reynolds (Dr.Walker) lapped 9
NP Ken Olsen (MIVA) 2
NP Shepherd Stewart (MIVA) 2
NP Iain Hay (MIVA) 2
DNF Kim Sutherland (MIVA) 2
DNF Patrick Burnham (MIVA) 2
DNF Mike Gill (MIVA) 2
DNF Menno Jongsma (MIVA) 2
DNF Phil Birrer (MIVA) 2
DNF Mark Wieler (Oak Bay Bikes) 2

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