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Midweek Tuesday Night Races

July 14, 2006 – A hot, sunny Tuesday night brought out a season high ninety eight riders to the Midweek Tuesday Night races. In addition Mr. McCarthy from the Mississauga News and the growing number of spectators we were joined by a crew of photographers from the Mississauga Camera Club.

In the late race the early move was launched by young guns Mark Hinnen (La Bicicletta) and Hamilton’s Zach Morris (Neworld). It wouldn’t last long, as the pack closed down on what was to be another fast night of racing.

But Morris was feeling jumpy and dug deep once more to get on a Heath Cockburn attack, which would be the move of the race. But the lead was tenuous, holding only a few seconds off the front of the pack.

Cockburn kept his foot on the gas as the laps ticked down, but it was only when Damian Kurzawinski (ZM Cycling Club) bridged over the the break with 40 laps remaining that the break would establish itself.

Cockburn and then Kurzawinski set a scorching pace, with Morris able to come around occasionally on the back stretch, and thus the trio would lap the field with ten laps remaining.

The lead trio decided to sprint it out for the finish behind the pack. Morris edged Cockburn for the win and DK had to settle for third after pulling his foot out in the sprint, while up ahead KHS speedster Gerard Yates had taken the field sprint for fourth place.

This was the first win for the charismatic kid from the west end, and at a record setting average speed of 46.5 km/h.

Thanks to our usual crew of volunteers. Craig Fagan and Dan Rothnie for set up and takedown and marshalling duties and Michelle Payne for help at registration and working the lap counter and trusty medic Adam Hobbs

Check out photos from the night on Mississauga Camera Club’s excellent site at :

Early Race
22 Laps – 21.5 km – 41.0 km/h

1. Dan Thompson (Madonna Wheelers) 31:33
2. Bruce Camacho (D’Ornellas) all s.t
3. Graham Anderson (Midweek CC)
4. Derek Hsiung (Midweek CC)
5. Ben Beneditz (Pavan)
6. Matthew Campbell (Bayside)

Late Race
52 Laps – 50.96 km – 46.5 km/h

1. Zach Morris (Neworld) 1:05:49
2. Heath Cockburn (La Bicicletta) s.t.
3. Damian Kurzawinski (ZM Cycling Club) s.t.
4. Gerard Yates (KHS) 1 lap
5. Rodney McEwen (Jet Fuel) all st.
6. Mark Polsinselli (Pavan)
7. Jason Valenti (CoachChris.ca)
8. Mark Shaw (Chain Reaction)
9. Rob Fletcher (La Bicicletta)
10.Dan Lefebvre (Team RACE)

Primes: Heath Cockburn, Mark Hinnen
98 Starters

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Midweek Tuesday Night Races

July 5, 2006 – Conditions were warm but windy for the first Tuesday night Midweek Cycling Club races of July.

The early race was won by Aaron Arndt who comes to the Midweek Cycling Club from inline skating. Aaron, an accomplished athlete in skating is finding the conditioning and skills to compete at the higher levels in cycling as well.

In the late race, Jet Fuel’s Jeff Hansen, Chris “the Brampton Strangler” Atkins (La Bicicletta), Damian Kurzawinski (ZM Cycling) and Zach Morris took the early flyer. The pack, facing a block headwind on the finsih straight was content to ride it out, with the exception of a few ambitous warriors, who would make the journey across. Over the course of the next few laps the lead group swelled as riders bridged across, including the CoachChris.ca duo or Blair Purvis and Jason Valenti and Italpasta’s antipodean hero Cameron Hughes; fresh from his weekend win at the CHIN Picnic Criterium on Canada Day.

With thirteen laps to go, Heath “el Moto” Cockburn (La Bicicletta) bridged the 20 sec gap to the lead group. Now, with Heath in the drivers seat the lead opened up the maximum lead of 35 secs. Heath’s La Bicicletta teammate made a powerful bridinging attempt in the final nine laps, which if successful would put three of their riders in the lead, but he aborted his attempt in the final lap, never getting closer than 20 secs., but happy nonetheless to have put in an effort.

With a lap to go, Ed Veal would make the race winning attack, and hold on for a fine win, his first in the 2006 Midweek Tues. NIght series. Atkins and Kurzawinski would round out the top three.

Thanks to Craig Fagan and Dan Rothnie for set up and takedown and to Michelle Payne and the kids for help at the registration table and minding the lap counter.

Early Race
22 Laps – 21.5 km – 39.4 km/h avg. speed

1. Aaron Arndt (Midweek CC) 32:47
2. Bruce Camacho (D’Ornellas) at 2″
3. Derek Hsiung (Midweek CC) all s.t.
4. Matt Campbell (Cyclissimo)
5. Steve Rheault (Midweek CC)
6. Jen Coombs (Ind.)
7. Maogosha Pyjor (Cycle4MS)
8. Liza Miranda (Midweek CC)
9. Peter Light ??
11.Dan Thompson (Madonna Wheelers)
12.Chantal Thompson (Madonna Wheelers)
13.Chester Kasprzak (Midweek CC)

Late Race
48 Laps – 47.0 km – 43.4 km/h avg. speed.

1. Ed Veal (Cyclissimo) 1:04:52
2. Chris Atkins (La Bicicletta) at 3″
3. Damian Kurzawinski (ZM Cycling Club) s.t.
4. Heath Cockburn (La Bicicletta) s.t.
5. Jason Valenti (CoachChris.ca) s.t.
6. Ed Makarchuk (KHS) s.t.
7. Sebastian Porten (Aquila Racing) s.t.
8. Blair Purvis (CoachChris.ca) at 6″
9. Bruce Krip (Wheels of Bloor) at 22″
10.Garnett Abbey (D’Ornellas) at 25″
11.Dave Labancz (Ind.) s.t.
12.Jordie Kofman (CoachChris.ca) s.t.
13.Francois Faust (Jet Fuel) s.t.
63 Starters

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Midweek Tuesday Night Races

June 28, 2006 – Midweek’s Media and Politician day was threatened to be cancelled by heavy rains which started during warm ups, but luckily for the riders and spectators the rains stopped before the early race, and roads started to dry within minutes.

Both the early (Intermediate) and late (Elite) events were runs as a points race, with the points to be paid out in cash. $1 for each point.

The field in the early race started cautiously on the still wet roads, but it was HBCC’s popular vet., Tim Buckley who rode strongly in the early laps to take the win. In the finale, Ken Deering of the D’Ornellas club broke away with three laps remaining on the board and held on to claim the final points, and third overall thanks to the double points up for grabs.

In attendance last night were Mississauga Ward 3 Councillor, Maja Prentice and reporters from the Mississauga News. Councillor Prentice has worked on behalf of the Midweek club to help secure permits for the Buckhorn Circuit for our weekly program.

Ms. Prentice was delighted to present Heath Cockburn (La Bicicletta) with the award for winning both last year’s Midweek Series Overall Standings and the Jack Wierzbicki Prestige Series. Damian Kurzawinski (ZM Cycling) who will be representing the Ontario selection at the National Championships this week was also honoured as Midweek’s Cycling Club’s Outstanding rider in 2005 and presented the R. and Eva McCaffery Cup by the councillor.

The Late race was to be a 50 lap points race, with sprints every five laps going four deep, with double points at the halfway mark and at the end. Chris Atkins (La Bicicletta) would take the first round of points, from a six man break, over Peter Morse (Jet Fuel), David Richter (Italpasta Transport Belmire) and Adrian Jackson (Wheels of Bloor), but it would be his La Bicicletta teamate Heath Cockburn who would scoop up the majority of the intermediate points laps. The crafty Kevin Davis pipped Peter Morse for points repeatedly during the race, but Morse would have the last word and scorched the final sprint over Davis to take the double points and the overall by a mere point over Cockburn.

Post-race, riders were trated to a BBQ provided by M&M Meats and refreshments from D’Angelo Brands, who have a facility on Fieldgate, just opposite the Buckhorn Circuit.

Thanks to all the riders and volunteers who made the Media and Politician Night a success, including Dan Rothnie and Craig Fagan for set up and take down, Michelle Payne at registration and Ian Merman for marshalling and helping at the line and many others I am omitting.

Note: There will be NO MONDAY NIGHT PROGRAM, Monday July 3rd. Midweek CC will present the CHIN Picnic Races July 1st (Canada Day) at the CNE, for more info. see www.midweekclub.com . The usual Tuesday Night events will return next week, Tues. July 4th.

Early Race
20 Laps – 19.6 km – 39.1 km/h
1. Tim Buckley (HBCC) 25 pts
2. Gary Hirsch (Pavan) 13
3. Ken Deering (D’Ornellas) 12
4. Derek Hsiung (Midweek CC) 11
5. Graham Anderson (Midweek CC) 8
6. Andrea Bowker (D’Ornellas) 4
7. Maogosha Pyjor (Cycle4MS)
8. Travis Joyce (MBRC)
9. David Conroy (Midweek CC)
10.Liza Miranda (Midweek CC)

Late Race
50 Laps – 49.0 km – 44.6 km/h
1. Peter Morse (Jet Fuel) 32 pts
2. Heath Cockburn (La Bicicletta) 31
3. Kevin Davis (Ind.) 20
4. Damian Kurzawinski (ZM Cycling) 16
5. Chris Atkins (La Bicicletta) 9
6. Bruce Krip 6
6. David Richter (Italpasta-Belmire) 6
6. Joe Giuliano (Jet Fuel) 6
9. Blair Purvis (CoachChris.ca) 3
9. Adrian Jackson (Wheels of Bloor) 3
9. David Fry (Midweek CC) 3
12.Paul Greene (Chain Reaction) 2
13.Paul Dilecce (Wheels of Bloor) 2
14.Brent Arthurs (Evolution CC) 2
15.Paul Ventuelli (Midweek CC) 1
15.Mark Polsinelli (Pavan) 1
55 Starters

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Midweek Tuesday Night Races

June 8, 2006 — Midweek organizers cooked up a devilish plan for the June 6th, 2006 (aka 6/6/06) Midweek Tuesday night races. The second in the 2006 Jack Wierzbicki Prestige Series.

Following the usual 6:45 early race, the late race was to be for 66 laps, with $66 up for grabs for the winner.

A season record 84 riders came out to race on a beautiful June evening. It was La Bicicletta’s strongman Darko Ficko rode like a man possessed to bring the race together in the finale and lead out his teamate Cockburn to the line (66 kph?). Though the sprint was hairy, the winner was not. Jet Fuel’s Rodney McEwen who would pip La Bicicletta’s Heath Cockburn at the line to take home his first win of the season.

A reminder to riders. OCA Rules apply at Midweek races. Racers must remain within the marked course and observe the OCA guidelines for rider conduct. Violators will be fined or suspended from competition.

As always additions and corrections to the results are welcome.

Thanks to Craig Fagan and Dan Rothnie for setup and takedown, to Ian Merman for help with registration and to Bobby Mrvelj for working the lap counter.

Reminder: The Midweek Media Night will be in two weeks. Tuesday June 20th. Cash prizes, special guests, BBQ and more. Check http://www.midweekclub.com for details closer to the date.

Early Race
20 Laps – 19.6 km

1. Dennis Sartori (La Bicicletta) all s.t.
2. Bruce Camacho (D’Ornellas)
3. Ben Beneditz (Pavan)
4. Peter Hein (Midweek CC)
5. (Pearl Izumi Jersey)
6. Mauro Rizzardo (Pavan)
7. Steve Hamilton (Madonna Wheelers)
8. Mike Steed (Midweek CC)
9. Ireen Wieditz (Jet Fuel)
10.Samera Fares (D’Ornellas)
11.Graham Anderson (Midweek CC)
12.Derek Hsiung (Midweek CC)
13.Fudge Kofman (CoachChris.ca)
14.Tony Kovic
15.Lucinda Wallace (Mississauga)
16.Grant Buyar (Midweek CC)
17.Peter Murk
18.Hein Wick (Midweek CC)
19.Andrea Bowker (D’Ornellas)
20.David Conroy (Midweek CC)

Late Race
Jack Wierzbicki Prestige Series #2
66 Laps – 64.7 km – 44 km/h

1. Rodney McEwen (Jet Fuel) 1:28
2. Heath Cockburn (La Bicicletta) all st.
3. Peter Morse (Jet Fuel)
4. Keith Moore (Jet Fuel)
5. Thorben Wieditz (Italpasta – Belmire)
6. Paul Rego (CoachChris.ca)
7. ??
8. Ed Maset (Pavan)
9. Ian Manning (Jet Fuel)
10. ??

84 Starters
Prime 1: Mark Polsinelli (Pavan)
Prime 2: Mark Hinnen (La Bicicletta)

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Midweek Tuesday Night Races

May 17, 2006 – Roads were dry and skies were clear for the late race. La Bicicletta’s Merrill Collins and Jeff Schiller (Team RACE) went on the early attack and built up a 30-second lead before the gap started shrinking. Once the group was together again the fireworks started. Pressure put on by Peter Morse (Jet Fuel), Team RACE and La Bicicletta caused the pack to split halfway through the race, and the speed increased as riders desperateley tried to bridge to the leaders.

With 12 laps to go Jordie Kofman (CoachChris.ca) and Italpasta’s Thorben Wieditz made a powerful move off the front, and it looked like they would stay away for the finale. Only La Bicicletta’s TT specialist Darko Ficko was able to bridge across to the duo with three laps to go. But, the strain of the break had been too much on the escapees and the pack came together with 700m left in the race for a pack sprint and once again Heath Cockburn (La Bicicletta) last week’s winner won the drag race to the line, passing Team RACE’s sprinter Dan Lefebvre with 150m to go, while Wieditz recovered enough to place third.

Thanks to Midweek’s Craig Fagan and Dan Rothnie for set and take down and for marshalling the course and to Steve Hamilton from Madonna Wheelers for working the lap counter.

Early Race
18 Laps – 17.64 km – 36.4 km/h avg.
1. Dave Ellis (Team RACE) 29:00
2. Naomi Cermak (Hamilton CC) st.
3. Lori Kofman (CoachChris.ca) st.
4. Mauro Rizzaro (Pavan) st.
5. Liza Miranda (Midweek CC)

Late Race
45 Laps – 44.1 km – 44.7 km/h avg. speed
1. Heath Cockburn (La Bicicletta) 59:16
2. Thorben Wieditz (Italpasta) st.
3. Dan Lefebvre (Team RACE) st.
4. Mark Polsinelli (Pavan) st.
5. Mark Shaw (Chain Reaction) st.
6. Damian Kurzawinski (ZM Cycle Club) st.
7. Stacey Wall (Ind.) st.
8. Mike Novo (Cycle Cambridge) st.
9. Ed Makarchuk (KHS) st.
10.Fred Perez (Cycle Cambridge) st.

35 Starters
Prime: Mark Hinnen (La Bicicletta)

Standings After Five Events
Dan Lefebvre Team RACE S1 46
Heath Cockburn La Bicicletta S1 44
Damian Kurzawinski ZM Cycle Club S1 43
Peter Morse Jet Fuel S1 33
Jordie Kofman Midweek CC S3 28
Mark Shaw Chain Reaction MC 26
Rob Zuech Wheels of Bloor MA 23
Mark Polsinelli Pavan MB 18
Thorben Wieditz ItalPasta S1 18
Ian Manning Jet Fuel S2 16
Mark Hinnen La Bicicletta u19 14
Attila Hajdu Mississauga BRC S1 12
Jason Valenti CoachChris.ca S1 12
Jeff Schiller Team RACE S1 12
Jeff Hansen Jet Fuel S1 11
Jeremey Rethazy Midweek CC S3 10
Keith Moore Jet Fuel MB 10
Tovi Heilbronn Midweek CC S3 10
Fred Perez Cycle Cambridge MA 9
Greg Cavanagh Cyclepath MB 9
Mike Novo Cycle Cambridge MA 9
Ed Makarchuk KHS S1 8
John Pucic Midweek CC MA 8
Piero Zanetti Midweek CC S3 8
Scott Gilligan Ind. MA 8
Josh Hall KHS S1 7

Merrill Collins La Bicicletta W 36
Heather Davidson-Meyn Wheels of Bloor W 21
Ayesha Rollinson Midweek CC W 14
Julia Farrell Wheels of Bloor W 11
Kristen Worley Ind. W 11

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