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Midweek Season Finale

September 15, 2005 – Heath Cockburn is the Overall Winner of the Midweek Wednesday Night Criterium Series and also swept every race in the five race Jack Wierzbicki Prestige Series. In addition, Heath and his La Bicicletta teamates Chris Atkins and Darko Ficko swept the top three spots in the Prestige Series rankings.

Sept. 14, 2005, Final Race

36 Laps, 900m course

1. Chris Atkins (La Bicicletta) 15 pts
2. Ed Makarchuk (KHS) 12
3. Peter Morse (Chain Reaction) 5
4. Paul Greene (Chain Reaction) 3
5. Ed Maset (Pavan)

Wed. Night Criterium Series Overall

1. Heath Cockburn La Bicicletta/Lindeberg S1 203
2. Dan Lefebvre Gears Racing S1 96
3. Peter Morse Chain Reaction S1 91
4. Ed Makarchuk KHS S1 89
5. Darko Ficko La Bicicletta/Lindeberg S1 84
6. Chris Atkins La Bicicletta/Lindeberg S1 80
7. Paul Greene Chain Reaction MA 74
8. Damian Kurzawinski Midweek CC S1 63
9. Jason Valenti Coach Chris S1 61
10. Brent Aquino Pavan MB 56

Chain Reaction’s Paul Green finished as the highest ranked Master A
and Brent Aquino (Pavan) took 10th overall as the highest placed
Master B.

Jack Wierzbicki Prestige Series (5 Events)

1. Heath Cockburn La Bicicletta/J Lindeberg S1 60
2. Chris Atkins La Bicicletta/J Lindeberg S1 38
3. Darko Ficko La Bicicletta/J Lindeberg S1 23
4. Jason Valenti Coach Chris S1 18
5. Paul Greene Chain Reaction MA 18

Expanded Final Series and Jack Wierzbicki Prestige Series Standings
are available at the Midweek Cycling Club website

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