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Midweek Mississauga Criterium

August 25, 2005 – Conditions were warm and clear for the fourth last Wed. Night race of the season. Thanks to Craig Fagan for setting out the course and marshalling and to Midweek’s Dan Rothnie for marshalling and Kirith Borsato for help with registration. See you all next week.

30 laps 46.5 km 43.1 km/h average speed.

1. Dan Lefevre (Gearsracing) 1:04:42
2. Jason Valenti (CoachChris.ca) st.
3. Heath Cockburn (La Bicicletta) st.
4. Peter Morse (Chain Reaction) st.
5. Marian Arnold (Harvestehider RSV)st.
6. Gerard Yates (Sportswap) st.
7. Ed Makarchuk (KHS) st.
8. Greg Cavanaugh (Ind.) st.
9. Garnett Abbey (D’Ornellas) st.
10.Darren English (Midweek CC) st.

32 Starters

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