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Midweek CC/LaBiciSquadra TNTT Results – Veal Wins Again

release by Midweek CC and LaBiciSquadra

August 13, 2010 (Toronto, ON) – Labicicletta Elite Team’s Ed Veal won again at the TNTT with a time of 19:20.2 ET. Following Ed was Dark Horse Flyer’s Dave Frake at 20:00.8 and Coach Chris’ Peter Kofman completing the podium with a personal best time of 20:48.4. Conditions saw low humidity, 24C degrees, with an unusual wind from the East at 13kph.


1. Ed Veal (Labici Elite Team) 19:20.2
2. Dave Frake (Dark Horse Flyers) 20:00.8
3. Peter Kofman (Coach Chris) 20:48.4
4. Mike Mandel (Midweek) 21:14.5
5. Dave Pierce (Esteem) 21:35.5
6. Ryan Hodgkinson (Bikesports) 21:49.4
7. Adam Burnett (Independent) 23:43.6
8. Dave Boots (LaBici Squadra) 24:50.4
9. Nick DiChristofaro (Midweek) 24:56.1
10. Bob Haufler (Midweek) 25:11.0
11. Mike Lee (Independent) 25:18.4
12. Calvin Burgess (Independent) 25:36.4
13. Merv Veal (LaBici Squadra) 29:10.3

Timekeeper: Bob Haufler

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