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Midweek CC/LaBiciSquadra TNTT Results – Dilecce Wins

release by Midweek CC and LaBiciSquadra

August 20, 2010 (Toronto, ON) – The rain stayed away so we could race. But an unhelpful wind took its place. Paolo Dilecce of Z Team took the win with a 20:24 et, following closely by 8 seconds was Dark Horse Flyers’ Dave Frake. Finishing the podium was Midweek’s Mike Mandel with a 21:49.7.


1. Paolo Dilecce (Z Team) 20:24.2
2. Dave Frake (Dark Horse Flyers) 20:31.7
3. Mike Mandel (Midweek) 21:49.7
4. Ryan Hodgkinson (Bikesports) 21:56.6
5. Cary Moretti (Endurospots by Powerwatts) 22:29.4
6. Adam Fitzsimmons (Norco) 23:08.4
7. Joel Cash (Wheels of Bloor) 23:41.7
8. Joe Accardi (Z Team) 23:43.6
9. Charles Gordon (Dark Horse Flyers) 24:31.3
10. Calvin Burgess (Independent) 24:40.8
11. Nick DiChristofaro (Midweek) 25:21.6
12. Mike Lee (Independent) 26:10.0
13. Merv Veal (LabiciSquadra) 29:52.0

Conditions: wind NNW at 21, 25C.

Timekeepers: Bob Haufler and Ed Veal

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