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Michael Barry Interview: Pedal Exclusive

With lots of cold winter training days ahead, Pedal will be posting interviews with some of the “movers and shakers” in the world of cycing. We hope you enjoy them, and please feel free to email us with your questions or comments for any of the cyclists that we interview, and we'll post them in our letters and questions section. Please send them to pedal@passport.ca and cc mattsh@hotmail.com

Michael Barry is a 27-year-old professional cyclist on the USPS team. Originally from Toronto, he now lives with his wife Dede in Boulder, Colorado.

Pedal: You are riding with USPS again next year. Are you excited to be part of one of the best teams in the world? Does this add some extra motivation in the cold winter training months?

Michael: Riding with USPS is extremely motivating and, yes, it does get me out on my bike on the cold days. Having team leaders that can win pretty much any race on the calendar is inspiring. When you go to the start line with a team that can win you don't want to let anybody down. From Roberto to Lance to George we have a great leaders backed by a solid and organized staff.

Pedal: This year saw your debut in a grand tour. What are your goals for next year?

Michael: There's lots to accomplish this coming season… do my job for the team, improve as a cyclist, to gain experience, to race competively at the Worlds in Hamilton and to help my teammates win a three week tour and a World Cup. I would also like to be in good condition for Liege Bastogne Liege, Amstel and Fleche Wallone.

Pedal: Next year's Road Worlds are in Hamilton – tell us how it feels to have the Worlds on home turf?

Michael: Racing in a Canadian jersey at the Worlds in Hamilton next year would be a dream come true. Actually beyond a dream coming true as it is something I never really imagined would happen while I was racing. To race at the highest level on a course that I rode over as a child is truly incredible. Hamilton is a great city, Toronto my hometown is right around the corner, the course is fantastic and the fall leaves will be at their peak in colour – it should be a great week. It would be a real honour to represent our country at home in the premiere one day event on the cycling calendar.

Pedal: How is training now? Are you doing weights as well as riding? It must be cold in Boulder…

Michael: It has been a little cold but a good Canadian boy can deal with a little snow. I am lifting weights, riding a fixed gear bike as well as my road bike, hiking, skiiing a little and have skated a bit as well. I am keeping pretty busy, usually doing something once or twice each day. We have a training camp next week in Austin and I heard a rumour that we may be doing a dirt dualthalon at the camp. Should be a bit of fun. I think Lance will have the advantage on all of us as he has the running/triathalon background and of course he can ride. Thank God we don't have to swim.

(note: Michael did in fact participate in the “Dirty Duathlon”, where he paired up with a local runner to do the relay portion of the race. Armstrong won the overall.)

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