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Michael Barry 2nd in Volta ao Algrave

February 19, 2003- Pedal columnist, Michael Barry (USPS), started the 2003 season off with a bang with a near win in Stage 1 of the Volta ao Algrave in Portugal. Barry placed second behind Angel Edo (Milaneza-MSS), finding himself in the right spot, almost pipping Edo for the win. Pedal caught up with Barry after his fabulous performance in today's race.

Pedal: Great news Michael – can you tell us what happened in today's Stage 1?

Barry: To be honest it started off very poorly with Damon and I crashing in a massive pile up. Then USPS teammate David Zabriskie went down hard and had to go to the hospital for stitches. But my legs were feeling pretty good so I gave it a nudge in the sprint. It was really windy and I was lucky to get on the right wheels and in the right waves. Unfortunately, Dave is out of the race, but Victor Pena (USPS) is looking really good for the overall. Chechu and George (both USPS) are coming around as well and were active on the climbs.

Pedal: This must bode well for the rest of the season, starting off with such a good race.

Barry: My legs are good right now but there are a lot of races to go. I need to stay up, not crash, and most importantly, stay healthy. Last year I had a few injuries that plagued me in the early season so hopefully this year I'll be able to avoid those situations.

Volta ao Algrave 2003

Stage 1

1. Angel Edo (Spa) Milaneza-MSS 4.41.23

2. Michael Barry (Can) U.S. Postal Service presented by Berry Floor

3. Yon Bru (Spa) L.A. Pecol

4. Ruben Galvan (Spa) ASC-Vila Do Conde

5. Nuno Marta (Por) Barbot-Torrie

6. Alberto Benito (Spa) Antarte- Rota Movei

7. Jose Cayetano Julia (Spa) Kelme-Costa Blanca

8. Gustavo Lemos (Spa) Carvalhelhos-Boavista

9. Mariano Piccoli (Ita) Lampre

10. Pedro Soeiro (Por) Carvalhelhos-Boavista

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