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Message from the Cycling BC Staff and Board of Directors

release by Cycling BC

June 22, 2013 – Dear Members, We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and patience during the last few months as we have welcomed new members to our Board of Directors and appointed a new Executive Director.

During the 2012 Annual General Meeting several requests were made to view the year’s financial statements. Having recently completed our annual audit we have posted the auditors report on the Cycling BC Website; follow this link Audited Financial Statements. The Cycling BC Staff and Board of Directors would like to apologize for the delay in releasing information over the past few months as well as for the significant financial loss in 2012.  Despite the challenges this loss has presented we remain committed to you, our members, to ensure that we continue to support and develop the sport of cycling in British Columbia.

In order to reduce the risk of future financial loss, Cycling BC Staff and Board of Directors have initiated a review of the organization’s current governance.  This review has led to the creation of new policies and procedures that will allow for better financial and operational management; reducing the risk of suffering future financial losses and increasing overall efficiencies.

Successively, under new management, Cycling BC has reduced the overall debt by 65% through selling assets and decreasing overall operating costs. While these changes have been difficult, we are pleased to share that we are dedicated to fulfilling our core functions as a Provincial Sport Organization.  To date, we have continued to provide membership services, event support and insurance, technical development opportunities, created and implemented programs for the provincial teams, schools and youth across the province.

This year, Cycling BC has seen over 2,000 youth participate in the Bike Start Program; over 100 new members sign-on as part of the My First Fondo Clinics developed by Cycling BC, the Vancouver Sun and GranFondo Whistler; certified over 10 new coaches and expanded the BMX Development Camps to Tracks on Vancouver Island.

As the process of change continues we invite you to be a part of the conversation and play an active role in the growth, development and stability of your organization. Cycling BC Staff and Board of Directors are working to develop and implement a strong financial and operational plan.

We welcome your feedback and ideas feedback@cyclingbc.net) in the development of this plan.

The 2013 Membership Survey, which closed on June 15th, saw over 500 responses with over 1,700 written comments. The Cycling BC Staff and Board of Directors will review these results and comments over the next few weeks and will provide a plan on we will integrate the feedback in our plans moving forward.

Again, Thank you for your continued support of Cycling BC.

Cycling BC Staff and Board of Directors

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