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Melbourne 2006 — Men’s Road Race Results

March 26, 2006 (Melbourne, Australia) — Here are the results from the Men’s 166K Road Race at the Commonwealth Games 2006 in Melbourne.

Men’s Road Race Results

1 Mathew Hayman (Australia) 4.05.09
2 David Harold George (Republic of South Africa) 0.04
3 Allan Davis (Australia) 0.12
4 Stephen Cummings (England) 0.25
5 Gordon Harold Fraser (Canada) 0.38
6 Greg Henderson (New Zealand)
7 Mark Cavendish (Isle Of Man)
8 Roger Aiken (Northern Ireland)
9 Martin Gilbert (Canada)
10 Peter Latham (New Zealand)
11 Tyler Barbour Butterfield (Bermuda)
12 David McCann (Northern Ireland)
13 Stephen Gallagher (Northern Ireland)
14 William Walker (Australia)
15 Dominique Perras (Canada) 0.43
16 Ryan Rodney Cox (Republic of South Africa) 0.44
17 Dan Craven (Namibia)
18 Robert Owen Hunter (Republic of South Africa) 0.46
19 Alfred Rodney Green (Republic of South Africa) 0.53
20 Svein Tuft (Canada) 1.00
21 Robin Reid (New Zealand) 1.20
22 Andrew Roche (Isle Of Man)
23 Glen Mitchell (New Zealand) 3.00
24 Emile Abraham (Trinidad & Tobago) 5.15
25 Christopher Clive Froome (Kenya)
26 Duncan Urquhart (Scotland) 9.13
27 David Kinjah (Kenya) 10.32
28 Ryan Connor (Northern Ireland) 10.34
29 Arno Viljoen (Namibia)
30 Alex Coutts (Scotland)
31 Thomas Evans (Northern Ireland)
32 Russell Downing (England) 15.56
33 David Treacy (Malta)
34 Jacques Celliers (Namibia) 17.24
35 Yannick Lincoln (Mauritius)
DNF Matt Brammeier (Wales)
DNF Nicholas Formosa (Malta)
DNF Ian Stannard (England)
DNF Ben Day (Australia)
DNF Aaron Kemps (Australia)
DNF Geoff Kabush (Canada)
DNF Chris Newton (England)
DNF Robin Sharman (England)
DNF Geraint Thomas (Wales)
DNF Mark Richard Kelly (Isle Of Man)
DNF Jeremy Paul Maartens (Republic of South Africa)
DNF Paul Manning (England)
DNF Evan Oliphant (Scotland)
DNF Yanto Barker (Wales)
DNF Julian Winn (Wales)
DNF Suhardi Hassan (Malaysia)
DNF Shahrul Neeza Mohd Razalli (Malaysia)
DNF Michael Swanepoel (Namibia)
DNF Yolain Calypso (Mauritius)
DNF Thomas Desvaux (Mauritius)
DNF Jude Nathaniel Bentley (Guyana)
DNF Graeme Ian Hatcher (Isle Of Man)
DNF Anuar Manan (Malaysia)
DNF Marc Bassingthwaighte (Namibia)
DNF Mannie Heymans (Namibia)
DNF Poloko Makara (Lesotho)
DNF Tumisang Taabe (Lesotho)
DNF Gregory Lovell (Belize)
DNF Ian Smith (Belize)
DNF Robert Frances Marsh (Antigua & Barbuda)
DNF Jason Perryman (Barbados)
DNF Geri Bryan Mewett (Bermuda)
DNF Tobyn Scott Horton (Guernsey)
DNF Robert James Smart (Guernsey)
DNF Horace McFarlane (Jamaica)
DNF Oniel Samuels (Jamaica)
DNF Hedson Mathieu (Seychelles)
DNF Lewis Ferguson (Northern Ireland)
DNF Dale Appleby (Wales)
DNF Rob Partridge (Wales)
DNF Michael Nziani Muthui (Kenya)
DNF Mohd Zahit. Mohd Zayuti (Malaysia)
DNF Damien Tekou Foukou (Cameroon)
DNF Mateo Cruz (Belize)
DNF Etienne Bonello (Malta)
DNF Philip Clarke (Barbados)
DNF Tinga Turner (Jamaica)
DNF Logan Hutchings (New Zealand)
DNF Francois Parisien (Canada)
DNF Colin Mayer (Mauritius)
DNF Danny Lloyd Laud (Anguilla)
DNF Peter Dawson (Australia)
DNF Gordon McCauley (New Zealand)
DNF Robert Wardell (Scotland)
DNF Davidson Kamau Kihagi (Kenya)
DNF Peter Kamau (Kenya)
DNF Muhammad Fauzan Ahmad Lufti (Malaysia)
DNF Mohd Jasmin Ruslan (Malaysia)
DNF Sadrac Teguimaha (Cameroon)
DNF Moeketsi Makatile (Lesotho)
DNF Makhashe Ramolungoa (Lesotho)
DNF Roger Troyer (Belize)
DNF Giocondo Schiavone (Malta)
DNF Charles Bryan (Anguilla)
DNF Kris Pradel (Anguilla)
DNF Ken Manassah Jackson (Antigua & Barbuda)
DNF Lynn Byron Murray (Antigua & Barbuda)
DNF Sam Firby (Jersey)
DNF Marlon Andre Antrobus (St Vincent & The Grenadines)
DNF David Matovu Kigongo (Uganda)
DNF Hilarry Moono Ng’ake (Zambia)
DNF Flaubert Douanla (Cameroon)
DNF Martinien Tega (Cameroon)
DNF Christophe Lincoln (Mauritius)
DNF David Magezi (Uganda)
DNF James Malako (Zambia)
DNF Rupert Rheeder (Republic of South Africa)
DNF Gareth Montgomerie (Scotland)
DNF Andrew William James Cook (Isle Of Man)
DNF Ng’ang’a Simon Nyoike (Kenya)
DNF Khotso Ntsema (Lesotho)
DNF Ronnie Bryan (Anguilla)
DNF Barron Musgrove (Bahamas)
DNF Duke Perrigoff Merren (Cayman Islands)
DNF Warren Christopher Mc Kay (Guyana)
DNF James McCallum (Scotland)
DNF Tekanyane Moubane (Lesotho)
DNF Muhammad Saleem (Pakistan)
DNF Jonathan David Massie (Bahamas)

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