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Meeuwisse & Guthrie Win 2017 Canada MTB Cup XCO Titles + PHOTOS

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June 30, 2017 (Whistler, BC) – The Canada Cup XCO Mountain Bike Series concluded on Sunday, June 25 in Whistler, BC, with the sixth round of competition. Canadian pros Catharine Pendrel (Clif Pro) and Geoff Kabush (Scott-Maxxis) won the final rounds for Elite women and men, however, it was Soren Meeuwisse (Trek Canada) and Evan Guthrie (Pivot/RaceFace/Kal Tire) who won the overall titles.

Soren Meeuwisse (Trek Canada) and Haley Smith (Norco Factory Team) in Boneshaker [P] Peter Kraiker
Evan Guthrie (Race Face / Pivot) [P] Peter Kraiker
Whistler played host to the Canada Cup final for the fifth consecutive year.  This year, the race took place on Blackcomb Mountain, adjacent to the Whistler resort. The four kilometre circuit featured two main climbs that were broken up with some single track descents. The elevation change of 240 metres for such a short course, plus temperatures rising into the 30s Celsius made for a hard day of racing.

Catharine Pendrel [P] Scott Robarts
Olympic bronze medalist Pendrel rode away from the rest of the field to win by nearly ten minutes. B.C. riders Jayne Rossworn and Emily Unterberger took second and third.

Soren Meeuwisse [P] Peter Kraiker
Meeuwisse, only a second year Under-23 rider, was absent, but had already wrapped up the women’s title after the previous round. Meeuwisse finished with 740 points, while Rossworn jumped from sixth in the standings to second, pushing Quebec’s Marine down to third.

Jayne Rossworn [P] Scott Robarts
Emily Unterberger [P] Scott Robarts
In the Elite men’s race, Canadian legend Geoff Kabush won by over a minute ahead of American Stephen Ettinger (Focus/Shimano), with Guthrie taking third, two minutes back.

Geoff Kabush [P] Scott Robarts
Guthrie, the winner of Round 2 moved back into the lead in the overall standings with 805 points. Quinton Disera (Norco Factory), the previous leader and Round 3 winner who missed Whistler, dropped to second in the standings at 670 points, with national champion Derek Zandstra (Cannondale-3Rox) taking third at 505 points.

Stephen Ettinger [P] Scott Robarts
Evan Guthrie [P] Scott Robarts
BC Provincial XC podium (l-r) Guthrie 2nd, Kabush 1st, Ettinger 3rd [P] Scott Robarts
“Taking the Canada Cup overall this year was a way I hoped to thank all my supporters,” said Guthrie, who is racing on his own without a team this season. “So many came together to help form my program for 2017 and I just can’t put the appreciation into words.

Canada Cup Overall podium (l-r) Guthrie, Rossworn, Jones [P] Scott Robarts
“One day races are always special, like Nationals and Worlds, but consistency over a six race series, because of the many battles along the way, is rewarding. My races were far from perfect this year but with the help of many, I was able to clinch the Series. This one is for everyone who has continued to support me and the ones who jumped on board for this year.

Guthrie with Mom and Gramma [P] courtesy of Evan Guthrie
“It was also an extra special weekend for me to have family out. My 88 year old grandma made the trek and toughed it out all day in the sun, walking to and from the venue. Sharing that with them was what it’s all about.”

Julia Long [P] Scott Robarts
In the Junior categories, Julia Long (Cycling BC / TaG Cycling) won the women’s race and Holden Jones (Cycling BC / Team Squamish) the men’s.

Holden Jones [P] Scott Robarts
Despite missing the final round, both the men’s and women’s leaders each retained their leads to take the overall titles, with Gunnar Holmgren (Centurion Next Wave) winning the men’s and Leya Masson (CC Mont-Ste-Anne) the women’s.

Canada MTB Cup XCO #6 Whistler Full Results here.

Final Canada MTB Cup XCO Standings

Junior Expert Women
1. Leya Masson (QC) CC Mont-Sainte-Anne 345
2. Roxane Vermette (QC) CC Mont Sainte-Anne 275
3. Dana Gilligan (ON) Team Ontario/Progressive Sport p/b 3Rox/Maverix Racing 275
4. Sidney McGill (AB) Focus CX Canada 255
5. Julia Long (BC) Cycling BC/ TaG Cycling 199
6. Mireille Larose-Gingras (QC) Equipe du Québec/CVM Sigma Assurance 199
7. Savilia Blunk (CA) USA National Team 190
8. Gwendalyn Gibson (CA) USA National Team 187
9. Sarah Fabbro (ON) Team Ontario/Trek Canada 127
10. Tereza Saskova (CZ) Ceska Sporitelna Specialized Junior MTB Team 125
11. Marianne Théberge (QC) Équipe du Quebec/Mathieu Performance 111
12. Émie Diaz (QC) La Cordée Plein Air 98
13. Sienna Leger Redel (UT) USA National Team 89
14. Lucy Shick (BC) Independent 85
15. Ruby West (ON) Rise Racing 70
16. Vicky Morin-Blanchette (QC) C3 Vélo Pays D’en Haut 67
17. Mina Ricci (US) USA National Team 59
18. Turner Ramsay (US) KMS Cycling – Killington Mountain School 54
19. Noemie Tremblay (QC) Cyclone D’Alma 53
20. Krystel Gagnon (QC) Centre Du Vélo Mascouche 50
21. Eva Poidevin (AB) Team Alberta 34
22. Mackenzie Lewis (CA) USA National Team 30
23. Sophie MacDonald (AB) Team Alberta 29
24. Kira Crowell (US) Rouleur Devo P/B DNA Cycling 26

Junior Expert Men
1. Gunnar Holmgren (ON) Centurion Next Wave Cycling Team 345
2. Holden Jones (BC) Cycling BC 330
3. Brody Sanderson (ON) Centurion Next Wave Cycling Team 325
4. Tyler Clark (US) Kms Cycling – Killington Mountain School 285
5. William Côté (QC) Dalbix Sherbrooke 180
6. Philippe Truchon (QC) Mathieu Performance 177
7. Philippe St-Laurent (QC) Team Pivot Cycles-OTE 158
8. Nick Kleban (BC) Cycling BC 136
9. Scott Funston (WA) USA National Team 122
10. Logan Sadesky (AB) Rundle Mountain Cycling Club 118
11. Calder Wood (WA) USA National Team 115
12. Shane Patterson (BC) West Coast Cycling 106
13. Owen Fedorowich (ON) Angry Johnnys Evolution P/B Norco & Horseshoe 106
14. Scott Leonard (ON) Team Ontario/AWI Racing 101
15. Eric Olsen (WA) USA National Team 95
16. Charles Couture (QC) Vélo Pays-D’en-Haut 94
17. Michael Mace (FL) Bear Development Team 89
18. Bradyn Lange (TX) USA National Team 85
19. Gaelen Kilburn (ON) Hot Tubes Junior Cycling 85
20. Martin Vidaurre (CH) Infinito 85
21. Calvin Loney (ON) Angry Johnny’s Evolution P/B Norco & Horseshoe 75
22. Kailen Shackleton (MB) Team Manitoba/Prairie Fire Racing 74
23. Kevin Vermaerke (US) USA National Team 74
24. Colton Sacket (US) Competitive Cyclist Mtb Team 69
25. Nicholas Jenkins (CO) USA National Team 62
26. Robin Horsfield (BM) 59
27. William Baron (QC) Vélo Pays-D’en-Haut 58
28. Nicholas Emsley (ON) AWI Racing 57
29. Samuel Jirous (CZ) Ceska Sporitelna Specialized Junior MTB Team 57
30. Trevor Mccutcheon (US) USA National Team 54
31. Paul Fabian (US) USA National Team 53
32. Tate Meintjes (US) USA National Team 52
33. William Maltais Pilote (QC) Indépendant-Rp Cyclone D’Alma 48
34. Fletcher Sharman (NZ) Central Otago – Wakatipu Club Inc 46
35. Brandon Lee (ON) Team Hardwood Trek 38
36. Frederic Bergeron (QC) Vélogamik 36
37. Thomas Hulton (ON) AWI Racing 34
38. Turner Conway (US) USA National Team 33
39. Francis Fortin (QC) Indépendant-Vm 30
40. Jason Rowton (CA) USA National Team 30
41. Jessie McAuley (BC) Team Squamish 25
42. Eli Gold (WA) Rad Racing NW 23
43. Liam Howard (CA) Bear Development Team 22
44. Dylan Fryer (CA) USA National Team 21
45. Finn Gullickson (US) USA National Team 20
46. Ellison Brink (WA) Rad Racing NW 20
47. Tommy Steinebrunner (US) Sville Bikes/Lee & Associates Race Team 19
48. Christopher Glanznig (AB) Rundle Mountain Cycling Club 18
49. Nicolas Ramirez (CH) Infinito 18
50. Talon Vale (BC) 16
51. Hunter Verner (BC) Cycling BC/Team Squamish 15
52. Julian Lepelch (US) Bear Development Team 14
53. Jérémie Ranger (ON) Équipe Cycliste Gatineau 13
54. Jean Michel Tremblay (QC) Cyclone D’Alma 9
55. Michel-Olivier Boivin (QC) 9
56. John Vanluxemborg (NS) Team Nova Scotia/Valley Stove & Cycle 6
57. Xavier Guimond (QC) 4
58. Jacob Goyette (ON) Spoke O’motion Cycling Club 3
59. James Côté Sport Olympe 1

Elite Women
1. Soren Meeuwisse* (ON) Trek Canada 740 pts
2. Jayne Rossworn (BC) 600
3. Marine Lewis* (QC) 515
4. Cindy Montambault (QC) Trek GPL 495
5. Haley Smith (ON) Norco Factory Team 495
6. Rebecca Beaumont (ON) Marin x Peppermint 435
7. Sophianne Samson* (QC) Cvm Sigma Assurances 430
8. Catharine Pendrel (BC) Clif Pro Team 400
9. Emily Unterberger* (BC) 399
10. Erica Leonard* (ON) Centurion Next Wave 380
11. Katelyn Button (BC) 370
12. Jenn Jackson* (ON) Team Ontario 365
13. Laurie Arseneault* (QC) La Cordée Plein Air 361
14. Sarah Claudie Dostie-Ménard* (QC) Cvm de la Gatineau 360
15. Elyse Nieuwold (ON) Angry Johnny’s Evolution P/B Norco & Horseshoe 350
16. Frédérique Trudel (QC) Team Pivot Cycles-OTE 321
17. Juliette Tétreault* (QC) Skinouk-Vdm 320
18. Paige Foxcroft* (ON) Angry Johnny’s Evolution P/B Norco & Horseshoe 302
19. Amélie Simard (QC) CVM Sigma Assurances 282
20. MacKenzie Myatt* (NS) Cyclesmith Cycling Club 266
21. Emily Handford (BC) Rocky Mountain Factory Team 257
22. Jena Greaser (BC) 255
23. Anne-Julie Tremblay* (QC) Equipe du Quebec / Cyclone D’Alma 250
24. Florence Dostie-Ménard (QC) Cvm de la Gatineau 250
25. Heather Gray (ON) Angry Johnny’s Evolution P/B Norco & Horseshoe 220
26. Maghalie Rochette (QC) Clif Pro Team 200
27. Jayne Enns (MB) Prairie Fire Racing 195
28. Natascha Piciga (ON) Giant Toronto/Liv Pb Powerwatts 190
29. Emily Batty (ON) Trek Factory Racing 175
30. Heidi Manicke (BC) Liv Cycling Vancouver 173
31. Erin Huck (CO) Cannondale 3 Rox 155
32. Andrea Burley (ON) Bateman’s Bike Co. 135
33. Stéfanie Tremblay* (QC) Cyclone D’Alma 135
34. Sandra Walter (BC) Liv Cycling Canada 130
35. Catherine Fleury (QC) Cyclone d’Alma 110
36. Carey Mark (BC) BC Bike Race/Rocky Mountain 100
37. Marilyne Proulx (QC) Dalbix 90
38. Laura Bietola (ON) Progressive Sport p/b 3rox/Maverix Racing 80
39. Janel Sauder (ON) Wild Bettys 69
40. Elizabeth White (US) Bicycle Express 66
41. Jordan Dube (US) Craft Factory Racing 62
42. Carolyn Towell (NS) Bike Monkey Cycling 60
43. Elissa Cummings (AB) 56

Elite Men
1. Evan Guthrie (BC) RaceFace/Pivot-OTE/Kal Tire 805
2. Quinton Disera* (ON) Norco Factory Team 670
3. Derek Zandstra (ON) Cannondale 3Rox Racing 505
4. Alexandre Vialle (QC) Toyota St-Eustache 482
5. Andrew L’Esperance (NS) Forward Racing/Norco 460
6. Felix Longpre* (QC) Mont Sainte-Anne 440
7. Rhys Verner* (BC) Kona Factory Team 435
8. Peter Disera (ON) Norco Factory Team 410
9. Raphael Auclair* (QC) Team Pivot Cycles-OTE 380
10. Geoff Kabush (BC) 375
11. Felix Belhumeur* (QC) Team Pivot Cycles-OTE 366
12. Marc-André Fortier* (QC) Team Pivot Cycles-OTE 365
13. Felix Burke* (QC) Rocky Mountain Factory Team 360
14. Sandy Floren* (CA) Bear Development Team 360
15. Raphael Gagné (QC) Cannondale 3Rox Racing 357
16. Davis Ross (QC) AWI Racing 354
17. Peter Glassford (ON) Trek Canada 350
18. Quinn Moberg (BC) Rocky Mountain Factory 337
19. Émile Farrell-Dessureault* (QC) Scott-Rackultra 324
20. Liam Mulcahy* (ON) Progressive Sport p/b 3rox/Maverix Racing 323
21. Tyler Orschel* (ON) Progressive Sport p/b 3rox/Maverix Racing 302
22. Stephen Ettinger (WA) Focus/Shimano 290
23. Luke Vrouwenvelder* (US) Bear Development Team 260
24. Evan McNeely (ON) Forward Racing/ Norco 259
25. Malcolm Barton* (ON) Progressive Sport p/b 3rox 256
26. Anthony Bergeron* (QC) Equipe du Quebec 238
27. Jerry Dufour (US) Bear Development Team 235
28. Sean Fincham* (BC) Forward Racing – Norco 230
29. Stephen Hyde (US) Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld.com 220
30. Emile Perreault* (QC) Accro-vélo 211
31. Thomas Sampson (US) Vittoria/Yeti Cycles 210
32. Carson Beckett* (US) Bear Development Team 200
33. Anthony Audet* (QC) Equipe du Quebec 183
34. Jacob Sacket* (US) Competitive Cyclist MTB Team 176
35. Matthew Turcotte* (QC) 170
36. Steffen Andersen* (CA) Bear Development Team 166
37. Eli Kranefuss* (US) Bear Development Team 165
38. Jon Slaughter (ON) Angry Johnny Evolution p/b Norco & Horseshoe 163
39. Guillaume Larose-Gingras* (QC) CVM Sigma Assurance 149
40. Keegan Swenson (UT) Cannondale 3Rox Racing 140
41. Kris Sneddon (BC) Kona Factory Team 139
42. Antoine Belanger Rannou* (QC) 134
43. Alex Schmidt (BC) 133
44. Carter Nieuwesteeg* (BC) 130
45. Owen Flood* (ON) Progressive Sport p/b 3rox/Maverix Racing 130
46. Matthew Martindill (ON) Arrow Racing 129
47. Michael Sampson (US) Competitive Cyclist MTB Team 129
48. Mathieu Belanger Barrette (QC) Pivot Cycles – OTE canada 128
49. Jan Kocemba* (ON) Progressive Sport p/b 3rox/Maverix Racing 123
50. Luke Hlavenka (ON) North Hub Bike Shop 118
51. Aroussen Laflamme (QC) Trek-gpl Mont Sainte-Anne 118
52. Craig Richey (BC) 115
53. Nicholas Lando (US) Elite Endurance.com Pro Factory 102
54. Matthew Behrens* (US) Competitive Cyclist MTB Team 101
55. Severin Nowak (BC) 95
56. Corey Brioschi (ON) North Hub Bike Shop 95
57. Léandre Bouchard (QC) BH SR Suntour KMC 95
58. Ian Gielar (US) Jam Fund/NCC 94
59. Christopher Ziegler (US) BMB Racing 93
60. Bret Waghorne (ON) Bateman’s Bike Co. 86
61. Hayden Sampson (UT) Giant Co-Factory Off-Road 75
62. Brandon Wright* (ON) Spoke O’motion Cycling Club 75
63. David Gordon (BC) Steed Cycles 71
64. Carsten Ivany (BC) Team Giant Vancouver 69
65. Noah Tautfest (US) Bicycle Express Racing 69
66. Cole Paton* (WA) Giant Co-Factory Off-Road 64
67. Scotty Albaugh (USA) 58
68. Robin Wallar (ON) Chrono Cycling p/b Giro Sport Design 56
69. Marc-andré Daigle (QC) Garneau Québec 56
70. Alex Lefebvre (ON) Chrono Cycling p/b Giro Sport Design 48
71. Eddie Skala* (ON) Energy Cycling Club 47
72. Thomas Gauthier (QC) Summit – Competitive Cyclist 47
73. Terry McKall (BC) Broad Street Cycles 47
74. Vincent Belhumeur (QC) Mathieu Performance 46
75. Seth Cox (BC) 46
76. Robert Hargrove (QC) Equipe Cycliste Elite Apogee 45
77. Timothy Carleton (ON) The 11 Cycling Team 44
78. Jasmin Cantin (QC) Velo Extreme Saint-Raymond 44
79. Jason Cote (QC) Vo2 42
80. Derrick St John (QC) Ride with Rendall p/b biemme van dessel p/b hyperthreads 40
81. Christophe Cornellier (QC) Accro Vélo 37
82. Jean Pascal Cloutier (QC) Felt MTB 36
83. Clément Sollier* (QC) 33

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