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Massive Recall by 13 Companies of 1.5 million Bikes With Quick-Release Levers and Front Disc Brakes

release by The BPSA

October 01, 2015 (Boulder, CO) – Thirteen companies representing 17 bike brands are participating in a joint voluntary recall involving certain model bikes equipped with front-wheel quick releases and disc brakes. The Bicycle Product Suppliers Association (“BPSA”) has assisted in bringing the group together and in ensuring riders and retailers are informed about the recall.

As part of BPSA’s efforts, a central website (www.quickreleaserecall.com) has been established to address questions and direct consumers and retailers to the appropriate resources.

The recall addresses bicycles that were sold equipped with disc brakes and a front quick-release lever that can come into contact with the front disc brake when improperly adjusted or left open while riding.

A rider should check the website to see if his or her bike is part of the recall. A rider with a bike that is subject to the recall should stop riding the bike and take it to the dealer to have the dealer install a new quick-release. In many cases, the replacement can be accomplished in as quick as five minutes.

“Rider safety is our top priority,” said Patrick Cunnane, Chair of BPSA’s committee addressing this matter. “We are pleased to be able to serve a role in bringing together the participating companies and facilitating this unprecedented large group effort.”

The recall is being conducted by the 13 companies in conjunction with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Health Canada, and the Consumer Protection Agency of the United Mexican States.

Here is a video to determine whether your bike is included in the quick-release recall.

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