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Mardis Cyclistes de Lachine Stage 8 Report, Results – Laroche Wins

release by Mardis Cyclistes de Lachine

August 03, 2016 (Lachine, Que.) – Jean -François Laroche, Regis Cycles, does not sit on its laurels and has demonstrated he’s serious about his goal of winning a sixth title cyclists Mardis de Lachine. Laroche and his teammates stood up to the powerful Garneau- Quebecor formation that tried to tighten the race in the early laps, even to the race record of Elite Cup which is 58 minutes 16 seconds.

Jean-Francois Laroche  ©  Elias Raposo
“The race was difficult, admitted Laroche who almost did not be able to attend because of her work. The pace was high, but I trust the work of my teammates.”

When Garneau-Quebecor cycling realized they were about thirty seconds mark the 18th lap, they backed off because they also aim to win and help Olivier reduce Brisebois the gap in the title race.

“It was the best strategy for us. They continued their attempt to eclipse the record and they would have been ahead at the end because of fatigue or they raised the foot and as it is faster than them in the final sprint with Pierre-Olivier (Boily) and Charles-André (Bilodeau), even when we would have won,”said Laroche, greeted as a hero in his tent after crossing the finish line in a time of 59 minutes 40 seconds, one minute 24 seconds of the established brand by Simon Lambert-Lemay August 6, 2013.

Félix-side Bouvette, H & R Block Pro Cycling, finished right behind Laroche in the final sprint. Hendrik Pineda, Transport Lacombe / Devinci, crossed the line in third.

We were treated to quite a show in a fast race, but still strategic. The Garneau-Quebecor have tightened the race in the first half of the race, but that did not stop Laroche won the second sprint of the evening.

The holder of the yellow jersey conducted a smart race. It was held in the vanguard, always protected by Boily or Bilodeau when it was not by another teammate, while keeping an eye on Brisebois.

To demonstrate the high pace, the peloton was already broken in the sixth of 31 laps and only sixty of the 136 starters were grouped at the end.

The only attempt to escape took place in the 24th round by Pier-André Côté, TRJ Telecom-Desjardins Ford, but he was taken to the following passage.

After the race, if the members of Garneau-Quebecor are not hidden to say they were designed the course record.

“Our goal was to eclipse the mark but when we saw that our numbers started to be tired and that they left the record, the foot is lifted, said Simon-Pierre Gauthier. Our aim was also to win the race. It would not have served much if we had kept pace by shooting everyone and getting beaten in the end. We will resume again. ”

Overall, Laroche increased his lead in the race for the yellow jersey (Nero Cycle), who totaled 748 points.

The third place of Pineda allowed him to seize the red jersey (Specialized) and ranks second with 533 points. Brisebois has lost a place, it follows with 491 points and became the holder of the green jersey (Desjardins).

In the race to black jersey (CMS) as the most combative rider, Denis Cottreau, Golden Sports, continues to lead with 34 points, 11 more than Marc-Antoine Soucy, Garneau-Quebecor.

Side TRJ Telecom-Desjardins Ford, follows with 17 points.

Other Categories

In Women’s Cup, Luce Bourbeau, SAS-Macogep-Acquisio, ended the domination of Raphaele Lemieux iBike in the beating at the finish line of the eighth stage.

Evelyne Gagnon, Stingray / Trek / Lacasse, finished in third place.

Overall, Lemieux still leads with 472 points. Gagnon follows with 249 points, 15 more than Bourbeau (234).

In boys cadets, Alexandre Poirier, CCB-Ultimate Bike, won in front of Thomas Delorme, Xpress Quebecor and Jérôme Courtemanche, Laval Espoirs.

Antoine Dalterio, Laval Espoirs, still dominates the overall standings with 307 points but his lead has melted to 15 points before Poirier (292). Robin Plamondon, Espoirs Laval, follows with 216 points.

In younger, Camille Primeau, Laval Espoirs won the event ahead of Emma Delisle, CCB-Ultimate Bike. Lyse-Ann Coffin, Nero Sprint, finished third.

Overall, Délisle dominates with 399 points, Coffin is second with 339 points, and Primeau climbed to third with 202 points.

In small boys, Alexander Migner, CCB-Ultimate Bike, won ahead of teammate Nicolas Ippersiel, CCB-Ultimate Bike.

Gregory Santiago Zapata Cordot Sherbrooke, finished in third place.

Migner win allowed him to overtake Charles-Antoine Pilot, Independent, in first place overall.

Migner totals 320 points, while Driver, who finished in fifth place, followed with 296 points 26 more than Ippersiel (270).

In small daughters, Leah Domingo Self-RP, won a fourth step on. She edged Elissa Anne Proulx and Clara Belley Both the Xpress Quebecor training.

The classification, Domingo totals 295 points 54 more than Belley (241).

Iris Gabelier, Dynamiks Contrecoeur, is third with 237 points.

Results (brief)

1. Jean-François Laroche (Cycles Régis) 0:59:40
2. Félix Côté-Bouvette (H&R Block Pro Cycling)
3. Hendrik Pineda (Transports Lacombe-Devinci)

1. Luce Bourbeau (SAS-Macogep-Acquisio)
2. Raphaele Lemieux (iBike)
3. Evelyne Gagnon (Stingray/Trek/Lacasse)

1. Jean-François Laroche (Cycles Régis) 748 pts
2. Hendrik Pineda (Transports Lacombe-Devinci) 533
3. Olivier Brisebois (Garneau-Québecor) 491
4. Félix Côté-Bouvette (H&R Block Pro Cycling) 424
5. Sébastien Cossette (Scott-RackUltra) 419
6. Michel Henri (Cycles Dupuis) 417
7. Didier Godbout (Vélo-Station) 325
8. Marc-Antoine Soucy (Garneau-Québecor) 305
9. Charles-André Bilodeau (Cycles Régis) 293
10. Laurent Gervais (TRJ Télécom-Desjardins Ford) 222
10. Pier-André Côté (TRJ Télécom-Desjardins Ford)

1. Raphaele Lemieux (iBike) 472 pts
2. Evelyne Gagnon (Stingray/Trek/Lacasse) 249
3. Luce Bourbeau (SAS-Macogep-Acquisio) 234
4. Amelie Bruneau (The Cyclery-Opus) 186
5. Elise Piedalue (Stingray/Trek/Lacasse) 121

Full results here.

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