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Mardis Cyclistes Stage 2 Report, Results and Photos – Cossette Wins

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June 15, 2016 (Lachine, QC) – Sebastien Cossette (Scott Ultra-Rack) successfully outpaced the powerful Cycles Regis squad to win round #2 of the Mardis de Lachine series. Cossette won the finishing sprint over Mathieu Roy (Norco Premier Tech p b Chew-Pod), and Jean-François Laroche (Cycles Regis) in a time of 1 hour 1 min 25 sec.

Sébastien Cossette (Scott Ultra Rack) wins  ©  Elias Raposo

Laroche was hoping to capitalize on a train of 12 riders to bring him to the finish line, but the strategy failed to the delight of Cossette.

Training Cycles Regis formed a real train to lead Jean-François Laroche to victory, but their efforts were in vain.  ©  Elias Raposo
“During the race, I never thought about winning because of the number of Cycle Régis racers, but I think they went a little too fast at the end and they could not hold out,” said Cossette.

This was  Cossette’s first career top-10 result at Lachine and received congratulations from his teammates. “I am very surprised…before the race, I was hoping for a podium, but I never thought of a victory. I launched my sprint right out of the last corner and I was able to hold on,” commented the winner.

Jean-François Laroche (l) and the Founder and CEO of Mardis Cyclistes, Tino Rossi.  ©  Elias Raposo
One might have thought that Laroche would have been more disappointed with his third place. “I have not been able to keep Pierre-Olivier’s (Boily) wheel, but apart from that, nothing went wrong,” said Laroche, as if taking some of the blame.

Yet throughout the race, Laroche was in the vanguard in the sprints, winning two, but he could not succeed with the last one.

No fewer than 119 riders took the start of the second stage of the 39th Mardis Cyclists Lachine.  ©  Elias Raposo
“I’m not too disappointed because I think I have accumulated enough points to win the yellow jersey,” said Laroche who currently wears the leader’s jersey.

Although it’s early in the season, Laroche, a quintuple Mardis champion – 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, and 2012 – he is still confident of capturing a sixth title.

Men's podium (l-r) Roy 2nd, Cossette 1st, Laroche 3rd  ©  Elias Raposo

“You have to enjoy it and accumulate the most points while the other strong riders are absent,” said Laroche.

Unlike last week’s opening round, no group managed to escape. While there were a few attempts, no rider could get away as Cycles Regis controlled the peloton of 109 riders to perfection.



1. Sebastien Cossette (Scott Ultra-Rack) 1:01: 25
2. Mathieu Roy (Norco Premier Tech p/b Chew-Pod)
3. Jean-François Laroche (Cycles Regis)


1. Rebecca Beaumont (Independant)
2. Raphaele Lemieux (IBike)
3. Dominique Danco (TRJ Télécom-Desjardins)


1. Jean-François Laroche (Cycles Regis) 179 points
2. Sebastien Cossette (Scott Ultra-Rack) 160
3. Marc Antoine Soucy (Can) Garneau Quebecor 144

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