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Mardis Cyclistes – Stage 1 Report – Zach Bell Wins

June 17, 2008 (Montreal, QC) – The 31st edition of the Mardis Cyclistes Lachine series kicked off this evening with 127 contestants. The start list of this evening’s stage read like a who’s who of Canada’s top male riders. The last part of the 50km race was dominated by the yellow-clad Symmetrics squad from British Columbia who placed two riders on the podium. The blue white and yellow national team from Columbia (South America) missed the podium, but nonetheless placed three cyclists in the top ten.

Last year’s series winner, Jean Francois Laroche (Sleeman), spent too much energy chasing an early break and finally finished well back in the pack. When we approached him, he smiled and explained simply, “tonight wasn’t my night.”

The 50km men’s pro elite race was preceded by the 16km minime Hop & Go race and by the 24km Lait’s Go (male) and Shape (female) cadet races

The ceremonies were marked by one case of mistaken identity when the third place cadet rider in the 24km Lait’s Go was identified as Yanik Fontaine. The cyclist then protested that his name was actually Pierre Yves Aubin and after a moment, the ceremony continued. Fontaine apparently finished a close fourth.


Men’s Pro Elite

1. Zach Bell (Symmetrics) 1:00:12 49.8 kmh
2. Kevin “Buck” Miller (Team RACE Pro)
3. Andrew Pinfold (Symmetrics)
4. Guillaume Boivin (EVA-Devinci)
5. Juan Pablo Ferero Carento (Columbia)
6. Ramos Kleber (Garneau Crocs-Suzano)
7. Martin Gilbert (Kelly Benefit Strategies/Medifast)
8. Carlos Eduardo Alzatte Escobar (Columbia)
9. Jairo-Perez Sharez (Columbia)
10. Mark Walters (Team RACE Pro)

Hop & Go Cup (Minime)

1. Joakin Albert (Garneau Crocs-Suzano)
2. Lambert Gatineau (Espoirs de Laval)
3. Charles Bourassa (Espoirs de Laval)

Lait’s Go Cup (Male Cadets)

1. Frederic Poisson (Velo 2 Max)
2. Raphael Masse-Viau (Maillot bleu)
3. Pierre Yves Aubin (Estricycle/Musique Plus)

Shape Cup (Female Cadets)

1. Laurie-Anne Dupont-Renaud (Espoirs Saputo)
2. Virginie Cloutier (Espoirs Saputo)
3. Anne-Marie B. Morin Garneau Crocs Suzano)

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