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Mardis Cyclistes p/b Jean Coutu Stage 10 Finale Full Results, Report, PHOTOS – Naud Again, Laroche Wins Overall

by pedalmag.com
August 14, 2012 (Lachine, QC) – Pierrick Naud (Ekoi.Com-Gaspesien) won the tenth and final stage of the senior men’s Mardis Lachine
presented by Jean Coutu road bicycle races last evening. Naud stopped the clock at 1:00:53 in the 50km race around LaSalle Park in Lachine for an average speed of 49.2 kmh. And thus ended the 35th season of what has become a legendary race series.

For Naud, it was his second consecutive stage victory and he also picked up the Lachine Cup for this win. At press time there was some confusion as to who finished second with Maxime Vives (Garneau-Quebecor) standing on the podium for the awards ceremony but official results gave it to William Goodfellow (Mc Gill Cycling). Erik Lyman (Prud’Homme – IGA Ste Martine) came in third.

But the overall winner of the 10-stage 2012 season general classification (GC) was Jean Francois Laroche (Fantino Mondello-Cycle Régis) who captured the Mardis Cyclistes Jean Coutu Senior Men’s Cup, his fifth season title. “This is a great evening for us. I want to thank my teammates who have been focused all season on winning this championship. We are the only team here to have such great synergy,” declared Laroche, a 32-year-old lawyer who delights in beating pro cyclists.

The second place Specialized red jersey for the 2012 season went to Jean-Samuel Deshaies (Ekoi-Gaspesien) while the third place green Desjardins jersey went to Dominic Chalifoux (Trek Bontrager). Chalifoux barely squeezed Stephen Keeping (Steven’s Racing p/b The Cyclery) out of third spot by only four points in the GC.

Hugues Lapointe picked up the black jersey for being the most competitive cyclist, Erik Lyman was recognized for being the best master’s cyclist while Hendrik Pineda picked up the jersey for being the best junior rider. But because Pineda is presently racing in Belgium, his father accepted the jersey.

But the biggest applause of the evening was reserved for Pierre Olivier Boily who retired last evening from semi-pro cycling after 12 years on Laroche’s team. Boily also rides for the Canadian para-cycling team, acting as a (seeing) tandem pilot for blind cyclists. At the Mardis, Boily has been Fantino’s secret weapon, superbly drafting for Laroche up to the final sprint. As the ceremony winded down, Boily invited everybody over to the Fantino tent where he promised celebrations would continue with music and dancing.

“Now I will have a little more time to make beer,” explained Boily, 30, who is the owner of the micro-brewery, Siboire. “I will also be able to spend more time with my girlfriend. Maybe I will still compete in a few races, but not with a team.”

Some 84 cyclists crowded the start line at the senior men’s race where the start gun was fired by actress and animator Chantal Lacroix. Weather conditions were muggy, but the pavement stayed dry.

Among the women, Elisabeth Albert (Rocky Mountain Forget Aubin) won a phenomenal sixth stage victory in the ten-stage series. This is very impressive because Albert had no team members to support her all season. “Apart from the Mardis, I enjoyed the Gatineau races this year. I wanted to also race in the U.S.A. at the Liberty Classic, but this conflicted with my exam schedule,” explained the 20-year-old medical school student. Albert has also gained national prominence in speed skating, but is unsure which sport she will continue with if her studies force her to drop one.

In last evening’s stage race, Veronique Drapeau-Zgoralski (Specialized-Mazda-SGC) finished second while Rosalie Cardin-Houde (IAMGOLD) finished third. There were 36 women in last evening’s race.

Albert was also the clear winner in taking the women’s Jean Coutu Cup season title. But it was a tight race for the second place red Specialized jersey where Ruth Mclean (Powerwatts- FITTIME) edged Catherine Couture (independent) by a mere seven points. This meant Couture ended up with the third place Desjardins green jersey as a consolation prize. Couture regretted taking the last corner on the outside and having to dodge spectators crowding onto the race course, something that cost her precious fractions of a second.

The awards ceremony saw water fights with champagne against a backdrop of fireworks. Event organizer, Joseph ‘Tino’ Rossi gave an animated performance even after being doused with buckets of ice water. Lachine borough mayor Claude Dauphin congratulated Rossi, now 73, on his fine work and joked that Rossi promised to be there for another 35 years of Mardis Cyclistes races.

Senior men’s race (brief results Aug. 14 stage)
1. Pierrick Naud (EKOI.COM-GASPESIEN) 241
2. Jean- Francois Laroche (Fantino Mondello/Cycles Re) 205
3. William Goodfellow (Mc Gill Cycling) 185
4. Erik Lyman (Prud’Homme – IGA Ste Mart) 165
5. Dominic Chalifoux (Trek-Bontrager) 157
6. Jean- Samuel Deshaies (EKOI.COM-GASPESIEN) 151
7. Stephen Keeping (Steven Racing p/b The Cycle) 115
8. Hugues Lapointe (Cycle Néron LaPrairie) 85
9. Emile Jean (EKOI.COM-GASPESIEN) 71
10. Jean- Michel Lachance (Latino Cycling Team) 65
11. Joel Desgreniers (Sportically) 51
12. Olivier Miclette (Alma Acura Ultraviolet Devi) 49
13. Jordan Brochu (EKOI.COM-GASPESIEN) 45
14. Pierre- Olivier Boily (Fantino Mondello/Cycles Re) 35
15. Michel Henri (Archibald / EIC) 33
16. Nicolas Masbourian- Parent (Espoirs Quilicot) 25
17. William Blackburn (Médique p/b Silber Investme) 17
18. Robert Ralph (Médique p/b Silber Investme) 17
19. David Maltais (Fantino Mondello/Cycles Re) 13
20. Francois Doyon (Quilicot- Rackultra) 11
21. Raphael Masse- Viau (Quilicot-Élite) 9
22. Adam J Farabaugh (EKOI.COM-GASPESIEN) 9
23. Yannick Bedard (EKOI.COM-GASPESIEN) 7
24. Martin Nuckle (Fantino Mondello/Cycles Re) 7
25. Christian Deshaies (cc IAMGOLD) 7

Final Standings
1. Jean- Francois Laroche (Fantino Mondello/Cycles Regis) 1022
2. Jean- Samuel Deshaies (EKOI.COM-GASPESIEN) 851
3. Dominic Chalifoux (Trek-Bontrager) 736
4. Stephen Keeping (Steven Racing p/b The Cyclery) 732
5. Pierrick Naud (EKOI.COM-GASPESIEN) 670
6. Hugues Lapointe (Cycle Néron LaPrairie) 619
7. Martin Gilbert (Independant-RP) 492
8. Maxime Vives (Garneau-Québécor-Norton Rose Garneau-) 477
9. Simon Lambert Lemay (Independant-RP) 381
10. Pierre- Olivier Boily (Indépendant-RP) 317
11. Jordan Brochu (EKOI.COM-GASPESIEN) 280
12. Erik Lyman (Team Spirit p/b Euro-Sport) 255
13. Michel Henri (Archibald / EIC) 252
14. François Parisien (Independant-RP) 235
15. Jean- Michel Lachance (Latino Cycling Team) 201
16. William Goodfellow (Lotto- Pôle Continental Wallon) 200
17. Hugo Houle (Independant-RP) 184
18. William Blackburn (Médique p/b Silber Investments) 176
19. Emile Jean (EKOI.COM-GASPESIEN) 145
20. David Onsow (Quilicot-Élite) 136
21. Remi Pelletier- Roy (Garneau-Québécor-Norton Rose) 136
22. Mathieu Roy (EKOI.COM-GASPESIEN) 115
23. Hendrik Pineda (UCS Crabbe Performance) 110
24. Nicolas Masbourian- Parent (Espoirs Quilicot) 93
25. Olivier Miclette (Alma Acura Ultraviolet Devinci) 89
26. Lambert Gatineau (Spidertech propulsée par Powerwatts) 88
27. Raphael Masse- Viau (Quilicot-Élite) 86
28. David Maltais (Fantino Mondello/Cycles Regis) 86
29. David Maltais (Ind) 86
30. Sebastien Lacroix (Médique p/b Silber Investments) 85
31. Francois Doyon (Quilicot- Rackultra) 83
32. David Veilleux (Europcar) 79
33. Michael Woods (Steven Racing p/b The Cyclery) 75
34. Robert Ralph (Médique p/b Silber Investments) 73
35. Francois Chabot (EKOI.COM-GASPESIEN) 69
36. Edward Forest (Archibald / EIC) 66
37. Simon- Pierre Gauthier (Indépendant-RP) 66
38. Emmanuel Gagne (Alma Acura Ultraviolet Devinci) 65
39. Emile Abraham (Indépendant) 65
40. Antoine Matteau (EKOI.COM-GASPESIEN) 64
41. Joel Desgreniers (Sportically) 61
42. Justin Purificati (Médique p/b Silber Investments) 60
43. Guillaume Boivin (Spidertech propulsée par Powerwatts) 59
44. Alexandre Nadeau (Fantino) 54
45. Thierry Laliberte (XPREZO- BORSAO) 53
46. Gabriel Michaud (Indépendant-RP) 49
47. Yannick Bedard (EKOI.COM-GASPESIEN) 47
48. Olivier Delaney (Ride with Rendall) 47
49. Aurelien Passeron (Indépendant-RP) 47
50. Bruno Lafontaine (Trek-Bontrager) 44

Women’s race (brief results Aug. 14 stage)
1. Elisabeth Albert (Rocky Mountain-Forget Aub) 66
2. Veronique Drapeau- Zgoralski (Specialized-Mazda-SGC) 53
3. Rosalie Cardin- Houde (cc IAMGOLD) 43
4. Ruth McLean (Powerwatts FITTIME) 40
5. Catherine Couture (Indépendant-RP) 26
6. Melyssa Fortin (VCL- André Cycle) 11
7. Gabrielle Pilote Fortin (Deda/HYPE) 11
8. Audrey- Anne Blais (Espoirs de Laval Primeau Vé) 10
9. Catherine Ouellette (VCL- André Cycle) 10
10. Keltie Campbell (Ottawa Bicycle Club) 10
11. Alizee Brien (Specialized-Mazda-SGC) 10
12. Laurie Dumas (Powerwatts- FITTIME) 10
13. Evelyne Gagnon (Stevens Racing p/b The Cyc) 10
14. Virginie Gauthier (Specialized-Mazda-SGC) 10
15. Helene Pilote- Fortin (Deda/HYPE) 10
16. Adriane Provost (Stevens Racing p/b the Cyc) 10
17. Marie- Soleil Blais (McGill Cycling) 10
18. Amelie Bruneau (Espoirs Quilicot) 10
19. Josiane Lessard (VCL- André Cycle) 10
20. Roxanne Pepin (cc IAMGOLD) 10
21. Marie- Eve Poisson (Alma Acura Ultraviolet Devi) 10

Final Standings
1. Elisabeth Albert (Rocky Mountain-Forget Aub) 538
2. Ruth Maclean (Powerwatts- FITTIME) 277
3. Catherine Couture (Indépendant-RP) 270
4. Rosalie Cardin- Houde (cc IAMGOLD) 206
5. Veronique Drapeau- Zgoralski (Zgoralski Specialized-Mazda-SGC) 192
6. Adriane Provost (Stevens Racing p/b the Cyc) 121
7. Florence Laplante Lamarche (Indépendant-RP) 117
8. Laurie Dumas (Powerwatts- FITTIME) 109
9. Anne- Marie B. Morin (Specialized-Mazda-SGC) 83
10. Virginie Gauthier (Specialized-Mazda-SGC) 75
11. Evelyne Gagnon (Stevens Racing p/b The Cy) 72
12. Alizee Brien (Specialized-Mazda-SGC) 59
13. Catherine Ouellette (VCL- André Cycle) 41
14. Audrey- Anne Blais (Espoirs de Laval Primeau V) 40
15. Roxanne Pepin (cc IAMGOLD) 33
16. Amelie Bruneau (Espoirs Quilicot) 1
17. Josiane Lessard (VCL- André Cycle) 32
18. Julie Bellerose (Metromint Cycling) 31
19. Josee Lessard (Iris) 31
20. Melyssa Fortin (VCL- André Cycle) 21
21. Marie- Soleil Blais (McGill Cycling) 20
22. Gabrielle Matte (cc IAMGOLD) 20
23. Renaude Tousignant (cc IAMGOLD) 20
24. Rosalie Cyr (cc IAMGOLD) 20
25. Gabrielle Pilote Fortin (Deda/HYPE) 11
26. Keltie Campbell (Ottawa Bicycle Club) 10
27. Helene Pilote- Fortin (Deda/HYPE) 10
28. Marie- Eve Poisson (Alma Acura Ultraviolet Dev) 10
29. Anne Marie Jean (Atrium) 10
30. Sharlie Caumartin (Espoirs de Laval Primeau V 5

Full results posted HERE.

Unofficial (brief)

1. Pierrick Naud (EKOI-Gaspesien)
2. Maxime Vives (Garneau-Quebecor)
3. Erik Lyman (Team IGA Prudhomme)

Final Standings Overall
1. Jean- Francois Laroche (Fantino Mondello/Cycles Regis)    1,022 pts
2. Jean- Samuel Deshaies (EKOI-Gaspesien)    851
3. Dominic Chalifoux (Trek-Bontrager)    736

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