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Manitoba Dark Cross Sets New Record – Report, Results

release by Red River Racing

September 28, 2011 (Winnipeg, MB) – DarkCross… that was fun, no? I’m still feeling the buzz from the energy and excitement that all the riders and spectators brought to the event. What a night! As part of the DarkCross organizing team, I’d like to say thanks for turning our efforts into a raging success.

Without your support we would not have set a record-high number of cyclocross racers at one race. And we certainly couldn’t have done it without the backing of our sponsors as an event such as this takes more than a little spit and elbow grease. Please give them your consideration the next time you have a project or require services–you can find them listed HERE.

And lastly, to the long list of volunteers including our commissaires, above and beyond only begins to describe your efforts. A huge thanks to you.

Visit Red River Racing HERE.

Results HERE.

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