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Louis Garneau by Vélo 2000’s Second Concept Store Opens in Québec City

June 6, 2008 (Qu̩bec City, QC) РIt was a year ago in Longueuil that Louis Garneau by V̩lo 2000 opened its first concept store to offer the complete collection of Louis Garneau products. The concept is now expanding with the opening of a second store, here in Qu̩bec City. An innovative concept, unique in the province of Quebec, offering all reknowned Louis Garneau products under one roof.

A Totally Unique Concept
A few months ago, as he was inspired from concept stores recently launched in the Unites States, Michel Lucier, who has a passion for cycling and owns a bicycle store in Longueuil for over 20 years, decided to take on a major challenge. He wished to adapt the concept to Quebec in order to offer the products and accessories of only one distributor. He therefore began discussing with Louis Garneau Sports inc.’s team and proposed a unique and innovative concept. This eventually lead to the opening of the first Louis Garneau by Vélo 2000 store. “We wanted to offer a variety of high-quality accessories to our consumers, explains Michel Lucier, co-owning the store with his son Sébastien. The Louis Garneau brand was the only one that perfectly meets our expectations.” The Louis Garneau by Velo 2000 concept store offers as many as 1,259 products belonging to the summer and winter collections, including bicycles, garments and base layers, snowshoes, helmets and accessories. This store is the world first to exclusively offer the complete Louis Garneau collection.

Louis Garneau: A Renowned Brand
The Louis Garneau by Vélo 2000 concept store is very inspiring for the owners. “We are proud of this partnership, says Michel Lucier. From the very beginning of the adventure, we knew that Louis Garneau was the only Quebec distributor to offer as much potential and quality products. We totally trust the brand, the products developped and above all, their efficiency.” All year long, customers are therefore invited to discover a wide variety of accessories in store, quality products and total satisfaction. “Here, in Québec city, we believe that business will be good. Louis Garneau enjoys an important notoriety in the region. We will take advantage of it!

The Lucier family, father and son, are proud of the results of their first concept store in Longueuil. They hope that their new store in Québec city will be just as successful. In fact, their idea is so successful that they are even considering opening other stores elsewhere in the province, or even elsewhere in Canada…

Louis Garneau by Vélo 2000 concept stores are located in Québec city (1100, Bouvier Street, suite 310: (418) 622-4443) and in Longueuil (555, Roland-Therrien Blvd.: (450) 677-1339).

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