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Lewis & Clark Bicycle Trail Revisited

October 2, 2002, (Missoula, MT) – On June 18, 2002, six students from Santa Barbara Middle School and three teachers embarked on a 120-day journey following Adventure Cycling's newest route: the Lewis & Clark Bicycle Trail. Calling themselves the Corps of ReDiscovery, these explorers are pedaling without the benefit of support vehicles or pre-arranged lodging for 5,000 miles. They begin in Washington D.C. and will travel through 13 states. They will reach the Pacific near Portland, Oregon in early October and finish their ride in Santa Barbara on October 17.

This journey is taking place one year prior to the national celebration of the bicentennial of the Lewis & Clark Expedition and allows America not only to celebrate historic discoveries but also to discover her incredible future by meeting these six exceptional children. To follow their journey and discover more about the Corps of Rediscovery visit www.americanrediscovery.com

A stuffed animal rides in each child's trailer, serving as a reminder of home. “Chips the Dog” will ride in Hanna's trailer while “Spongebob Squarepants” travels with Roxy. Among the other explorers, Lincoln will have sock monkey “George” in tow, “Timone” and “Pumba” will accompany Isaac, and Cameron will bring along “Flying Bear”. Jacob will ride the trail with companions “Mousy” the stuffed gargoyle and “Bucky” the big horn sheep. Throughout the journey, each of these children will have an individual assignment ranging from reporting on the foods they experience to distributing friendship medals to people they meet along the way. These assignments will be reported on through the Corps of ReDiscovery website.

Captain John, one of the inspirational teachers guiding this expedition, says that this journey will inspire others to rediscover our country and themselves, while showing six good reasons to have hope in the future.

Many commendable companies have generously provided equipment and services for this journey. They include Apple, NikonÔ , Oakley, Patagonia, Vaude, Answer Products, Ortlieb, Cat Eye, Trek Bicycles, Bicycle Bob's, Sock Guy, Avocet, Marzocchi, Brave Soldier, Birdsall Interactive, Into a Cloud Productions, Hollywood Vaults, Xativ Shorts, The Dream Foundation and Adventure Cycling Association.

For those interested in undertaking a journey similar to the Corps of ReDiscovery Explorers, Lewis & Clark Bicycle Trail maps will be available through Adventure Cycling in October 2002. The Adventure Cycling Association is America's largest not-for-profit, member supported, recreational bicycling organization whose mission is to inspire individuals to use the bicycle for exploration, discovery, and adventure. Founded in 1973 as Bikecentennial, the organization mapped the first trans-American bike route and now has 35,000 members who have helped generate the funds to continue to develop the 25,000-mile National Bicycle Route Network, including the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route. To find out more about Adventure Cycling, call 800/755-2453 or visit www.adventurecycling.org.

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