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Les Mardis de Lachine 2005

June 29, 2005 РGypco-T̩l̩-Annonces continued their domination of the Mardis de Lachine series last night with another podium by S̩bastien Moquin, who took the race after 1 hour 2 minutes and 28 seconds of racing. This win means Gypco now takes the points jersey from Volkswagen-TREK who have dominated the series in seasons past.

Gypco is a relatively new team filled with talent. Last night was Moquin’s second victory in three weeks. Last week, teammate Dominique Rollin won the race. No stranger to the Mardis series, Moquin dominated the series in 2003 until injuries from a fall prevented him from racing. It seems that 2005 will be different.

An early breakaway was lead by Gypco, who were clearly after the yellow jersey. Dominique Rollin and Moquin worked together driving the break, which also contained Volkswagen-TREK’s Martin Gilbert, Kevin Lacombe, and Éric Boily; as well as Espoirs de Laval’s Érik Lyman and Nicolas Rowe. The break stayed out until the bitter end, with the rest of the peloton catching them with one fast and furious lap to go.

The final sprint saw all 94 riders come into the start-finish line, but it
was the teamwork of Gypco that reigned as Moquin sprinted across the line first, after a well-timed lead-out by Rollin. Taking third was Espoirs de Lavals Érik Lyman, who outsprinted Volkwagon-TREK’s Gilbert by a hair. Gilbert had to content himself with fourth place.

David Veilleux, the Boy-Wonder of Élicycles lost his coveted yellow jersey, and commented philosophically, “I knew one day or another I’d lose the jersey. To be honest, we don’t really have the team to go until the very end. We’re young and lack some experience.” Later he added, “Who knows, maybe next year I’ll have better chances to keep the jersey longer. In the meantime, I’m very happy with what Ive accomplished so far.”

Les Mardis à Lachine will take a break next week but will be back on July 12. Best wishes to organizer Joseph “Tino” Rossi’s nephew who will be married in Italy the following week!

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