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Les Challenges de la Marche Verte GP Sakia El Hamra – Canada’s Jamieson 10th

by pedalmag.com

February 05, 2017 (Morocco) – Canada’s Adam Jamieson claimed 10th at the 152.6km Les Challenges de la Marche Verte – GP Sakia El Hamra in Morocco from Laayoune to Boujdour, part of the Africa Tour 2017, as Team RaceClean Canada’s season gets underway. Jamieson is riding for An Post Chain Reaction this season but joined the Team Canada contingent for this project.

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Results (brief)

1. Ahmed Galdoune (Delio Gallina Colosio Eurofeed) 2:54:57
2. Umberto Marengo (Delio Gallina Colosio Eurofeed)
3. Mattia de Mori (Delio Gallina Colosio Eurofeed)
4. Soufiane Sahbaoui (Morocco)
5. Ahmet Orken (Torku Sekerspor)
6. Thomas Vaubourzeix (Nice Cycling Team)
7. Ivan Balykin (Torku Sekerspor) 0:05
8. Johan Hemroulle (Naturablue Cycling Team) 0:33
9. Essaid Abelouache (Morocco)
10. Adam Jamieson (Team RaceClean Canada)

14. Edward Walsh (Team RaceClean Canada) 3:01
21. Derek Gee (Team RaceClean Canada)  3:07
OTL Aidan Caves (Team RaceClean Canada)
DNF Jay Lamoureux (Team RaceClean Canada)
DNF Bayley Simpson (Team RaceClean Canada)

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