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Legion Athletic Camp

April 6, 2006 – The 45th annual Legion Athletic Camp, located on the Canadian/USA border (Manitoba/North Dakota) at the International Peace Garden, is pleased to announce the addition of cycling to its mulit-sport international program and is now accepting registration for the summer of 2006. Six weeks of camps July 16 – August 26. A total of 12 sports offered: basketball, advanced and beginners track and field, cycling, elementary, equestrian, gymnastics, judo, sailing, soccer, volleyball and wilderness. The Legion Athletic Camp www.legionathleticcamp.com is open to junior and senior high school athletes and for some sports elementary grades. Or phone 1-204-661-5448

Head coach for cycling will be Don Brewster.

An all-around athlete at Churchill High School during the late 1950s?, Brewster also played juvenile football and from the quarterback position led his team to the Canadian national finals. His phys-ed teacher during his high school days was Legion Athletic Camp founder and director George Phillips. “There were many things that Coach Phillips taught me. For example?so much effort equals results. If you put your mind to something, you can accomplish dreams.” Brewster also showcased his talents in junior football and later had a tryout with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the Canadian Football League. Graduating from the University of Manitoba as a chartered accountant, Brewster has coached at various levels in amateur sports with emphasis on cycling, football, hockey and soccer. In 1990 following a major turning point in his life – faced with cancer – he took up cycling for a pastime. A pastime, which soon advanced to the competition level where in 1997 he captured his first crit erium. A resident of California since the early 1990s?, Brewster has participated in countless training camps and has also been involved in the Carmichael Training System. A member of Cycle Sports-Trumer Pils Cycling Club in Oakland California, Brewster has participated in the masters division in such prestigious events as the Wheels of Thunder District Championships and Wente Vineyards Criterium. Of his inaugural year at the Legion Athletic Camp he states: “Just like my interest during my hockey coaching, I am going to dig into this (cycling) and give it all the attention possible.”

Head Coach Don Brewster 1-510-851-5112


Head Coach Don Brewster 1-510-851-5112

The cycling camp is for Junior racers.The focus will be on safety while buildiing skills and confidence. It will start with instruction dealing with equipment, safe street riding, ride etiquette, bike handling skills, how to avoid falls and how to fall, nutrition, and then gradually, depending on the class, move into pack and pace-line riding, climbing and racing skills. It will be on-the-bike training all day and lectures/video in the evening.

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