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Latest Tour d\’Afrique Race News

January 25, 2006 – The riders will soon arrive at Wadi Halfa, Sudan and face 10 more stages in the first section of the 2006 Tour d’Afrique. The Pharaoh’s Delight as the section is known will crown a champion on February 5.

But there is still lots to be determined before then – Juliet Wolfe of Ireland took Stage 8 over Joan Louwrens of South Africa, breaking her 4-stage win streak, and ensuring that the women’s race is far from decided.

In the men’s race, many stage wins have come down to a sprint to the finish or a pack crossing the line simultaneously. Multiple stage winners have often been the result. American Matthew Caretti seems to be gaining momentum as he has now shared two stage wins with Sam Bail of Canada and the South Africans.

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