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Lance Armstrong Crowned 2005 Person Of The Year

January 6, 2006 – In the mood for something to get you pumped for the New Year? Need some motivation? Inspiration abounds in the January/February 2006 issue of Hooked on the Outdoors Magazine, available on newsstands in January.
Be Inspired to Turn Your Passion into a Cause

When Hooked on the Outdoors, one of the least commercialized, backyard outdoor magazines available chooses one of the most commercialized athletes of present day to receive its prestigious Outdoor Person of the Year (OPY) Award, you know that person has got to be someone rather extraordinary. And, given his practically super-human athletic ability and focus, his altruistic and inspirational character, and his seven Tour de France victories, Lance Armstrong certainly fits that description.
“It was impossible to ignore Lance Armstrong’s achievements in 2005, both in winning a record seventh consecutive Tour de France and in giving back to the industry, the sport, the outdoor community and to everyone who has been inspired by his story,” says John Byorth, editor-at-large, and author of the piece.

Armstrong’s philanthropy has led to more than $9.6 million in grants for cancer research. Nearly 56 million people wear yellow bracelets with Armstrong’s mantra written on it: LIVESTRONG. Says Byorth, “That single word embodies the Lance Factor. It’s a message, led by a sparkling example of what we can all hope to achieve.”

In addition to learning what Armstrong has accomplished in the January/February 2006 issue of Hooked on the Outdoors Magazine, you’ll also learn what great spirit he and the other extraordinary OPY finalists have contributed to the entire outdoor community. From runner Diane Van Deren of Denver who, despite fighting epilepsy, is still winning races to Steve Sanchez of Phoenix whose charity hosts the Pura Vida No Pro Surfing Contest to benefit orphans in Costa Rica-outstanding outdoorsmen and women throughout the US are doing their best to motivate individuals and achieve selfless goals through their passion for life and outdoor recreation.
“The 10 people who made the top cut have accomplished much more than simply ticking off extreme athletic feats,” says Editor-in-Chief Nancy Coulter-Parker. “Instead, they are individuals who also give back to the outdoor community in a selfless manner, who create community and expand the boundaries of outdoor sport.”

Be Inspired to Believe in Yourself

Coulter-Parker also offers some inspiration of her own in the story “Back in the Boat,” which relays how she overcame her fears and found a new love for whitewater thanks to a kayaking adventure at the pristine and remote famed Otter Bar whitewater camp in Northern California. After a week of experiences reminding her that the life we live is a direct result of the choices we make, Coulter-Parker says that “the magic of Otter Bar isn’t in the fact that it is a phenomenal kayaking schoolÅ  it is a place where you get to know yourself, learn your potential and accept your limitations, whether in the boat or the boardroom.”

Be Inspired to Work up an appetite

Assuming you saved room for dessert, the January/February issue of Hooked also boasts a tasty Regional Highlights section sure to have you hungry for a gourmet adventure. Featuring eight of the best places in the country to work hard and dine well, including California’s wine country, Deep South barbecue pits, Michigan’s cherry orchards, New England lobster towns, Canadian wineries and more, this “Eat and Run” special is the perfect excuse to plan your next hiking, biking, paddling or running excursion around both an area’s regional activities and it’s regional cuisine, as well.

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