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LA Track World Cup 2006 – Day 2 Evening Session

January 22, 2006 (Carson, CA) – Yesterday on the second day of the UCI Track Cycling World Cup in Carson, California the strongest athletes shone and five medals were won.

Gregory Bauge of France won his first ever World Cup gold when he out powered teammate Michael Bourgain of France. Bauge has only been racing for four years and was worried Bourgain’s experience might be an advantage for him but ultimately it was Bauge’s sheer strength that gave him the advantage. Michael Blatchford of the United States took bronze and added to the mounting tally of medals won by Americans on hometown turf.

The American medal momentum didn’t stop at Blatchford. Sarah Hammer of the United States took gold in the Women’s Individual Pursuit, broke the track record and took the lead in the World Cup series. It even looked at one point that Hammer was going to catch Maria Calle Williams of Columbia but Hammer faded a little in the last 1000 meters.

Olympic Champion Mikhail Ignatiev of Russia won the Men’s Points Race with a consistent and calculated race. He was one of four athletes to lap the field and he consistently won points to keep him in the lead.

However, the most memorable moment happened earlier in the day during the first round of the Men’s Sprint race. There was a hotly contested sprint match between Jamie Staff of Great Britain and Michael Blatchford of the United States, where adrenaline was high and helmets went flying. With 10 meters to go there was a collision between the two sprinters and Staff took the brunt of it going down hard. After the race, Staff worsened the situation by throwing his helmet at Blatchford. It was decided by Commissaire President, Wayne Promario, that Staff was in the wrong for his actions in the race itself and was relegated. Further it was also decided that he was wrong in his actions after the race and was ejected from the competition.

Stay tuned for more results from Day 3.

Results – Evening Session Day 2

Men’s team pursuit final

1 Russia 4.08.726 (57.895km/h)
Serguey Klimov
Ivan Rovny
Alexander Serov
Nikolay Trussov
2 Netherlands 4.11.531 (57.249km/h)
Levi Heimans
Geert-Jan Jonkman
Jens Mouris
Niki Terpstra
3 Spain 4.10.098 (57.577km/h)
Sergio Escobar Roure
Guillermo Ferrer Garcia
Sebastian David Muntaner Juaneda
Carlos Torrent Tarres
4 New Zealand 4.13.210 (56.869km/h)
Jason Allen
Sam Bewley
Richard Bowker
Darren Peter Shea

Men’s Sprint

5-8 final
5 Teun Mulder (Netherlands) 11.168 (64.469km/h)
6 José A. Villanueva Trinidad (Spain)
7 Tim Veldt (Netherlands)
8 Travis Smith (Canada)


Heat 1
1 Grégory Bauge (France) 11.156 11.142
2 Michael Blatchford (USA)

Heat 2
1 Mickaël Bourgain (France) 11.076 11.109
2 Lukasz Kwiatkowski (Poland)


1 Grégory Bauge (France) 11.159 10.944
2 Mickaël Bourgain (France)

1 Michael Blatchford (USA) 11.030 11.185
2 Lukasz Kwiatkowski (Poland) 10.893

Women’s Individual Pursuit final

1 Sarah Hammer (USA) 3.41.512 (48.755km/h)
2 Maria Luisa Calle Williams (Colombia) 3.46.114 (47.763km/h)

1 Yulia Arustamova (Russia) 3.47.711 (47.428km/h)
2 Dale Tye (New Zealand) 3.52.468 (46.458km/h)

Women’s 500m time trial

1 Natallia Tsylinskaya (Belarus) 34.426 (52.286km/h)
2 Shuang Guo (China) 34.824 (51.688km/h)
3 Yvonne Hijgenaar (Netherlands) 35.182 (51.162km/h)
4 Elisa Frisoni (Italy) 35.242 (51.075km/h)
5 Simona Krupeckaite (Lithuania) 35.275 (51.027km/h)
6 Katrin Meinke (Germany) 35.410 (50.833km/h)
7 Tamilla Abassova (Russia) 35.558 (50.621km/h)
8 Kerrie Meares (Australia) 35.813 (50.261km/h)
9 Clara Sanchez (France) 35.968 (50.044km/h)
10 Nancy Contreras (Mexico) 36.010 (49.986km/h)
11 Magdalena Sara (Poland) 36.259 (49.642km/h)
12 Diana Maria Garcia Orrego (Colombia) 36.918 (48.756km/h)

Men’s Points Race

1 Mikhail Ignatiev (Russia) 34
2 Ioannis Tamouridis (Greece) 30
3 Joan Llaneras Rossello (Spain) 28
4 Volodymyr Rubin (Ukraine) 25
5 Sergey Kolesnikov (Rus) Omnibike Dynamo Moscow 13
6 Vasili Kiryienka (Belarus) 11
7 Sebastian Cancio (Argentina) 10
8 Carlos Manuel Hernandez (Mexico) 10
9 Michael Mørkøv (Denmark) 7
10 Michael Friedman (USA) TIAA-CREF 5
11 Angelo Ciccone (Italy) 5
12 Rafal Ratajczyk (Poland) 5
13 Jonathan Mouchel (France)
14 Kam Po Wong (Hong-Kong)
15 Niki Terpstra (Netherlands) -8
16 Milan Kadlec (Czech Republic) -11
17 Maximo Rojas (Venezuela) -15
18 Kyle Swain (South Africa) -20
19 Jozef Zabka (Slovakia) -20

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