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La Ruta Wins Award

release by La Ruta

February 2, 2009 (San José, Costa Rica) — The company that organizes La Ruta de los Conquistadores MTB event in Costa Rica – Exploraciones Verde y Azul S.A. – won an important management award thanks to the successful energy and passion put towards the event over the past years.

The 2009 “International Arch of Europe” (IAE) prize will be presented to the La Ruta’s organizers on February 23, at the 35th Convention of the Business Initiative Directions (B.I.D.), in Fankfurt, Germany.

The event was nominated for the Gold Category, that recognizes “the prestige of the outstanding companies, organizations, and businesses in the business world,” as it is stated on its official website (www.bid-euro.com/en/main.php).

“We don’t know who nominated us, it is a secret according to this award’s rules. However, I must say it is an honor for us to be taking in account for such a prestigious present,” said Director Diego Víquez, who will accept the distinction representing all La Ruta staff.

The company was selected through a system of votes, polls and recommendations that the B.I.D. committee sets between the organizations that have been awarded in the past (companies from more than 90 countries from all around the globe). The board also conducts telephone interviews with clients and other companies that work together with the nominated entity.

This is matched with information from the press and advertising agencies, consulting firms, embassies, national chambers of commerce, specialized trade fairs, publications in written and digital format, both public and acquired through purchase.

Then, the results of the voting and polls system, as well as the consulting with the aforementioned agencies and publications, are sent to the International Arch of Europe Council and Selection Committee which finally decides who earns each categories’ awards.

What’s the IAE?
The IAE is sponsored by 26 famous Media Companies from around the world (www.imarpress.com). The prize consists on one official trophy, the winner’s certificate and the opportunity of being featured on the covers and internal pages of some of the most important business publications around the world.

Besides, the representatives of the winners also have the chance to present the project to the convention’s attendants that includes many General Managers, Presidents and CEO’s of the organizations recognized in the past.

The Gold Category is reserved for those companies that where nominated for the first time and matched the QC100 Quality Model. This is a sort of a value scale designed to aid company’s presidents and managers to spread this culture of quality among its employees and clients, allowing the company to implement a reliable quality model to cover expectations of their performance, products and services, to work better, improve capability and efficiency, to maximize results, make better decisions and reduce costs.

This is the first time that a Central American Sports Organizer wins the “International Arch of Europe” award

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