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La Ruta Unaffected by Earthquake

January 12, 2009 (San José, Costa Rica) – The organization of La Ruta de los Conquistadores was informed that the earthquake that hit Costa Rica’s Central-North area did not affect the course that has been traditionally used for the race. The staff has responded to several media and participants’ queries, regarding the effects of the 6.2 magnitude event that struck the nation last Thursday. However, the Pacific, Central-South and Caribbean areas were not affected.

“We want to thank the comments and support messages of all the good friends that have been contacting us because of their concern about the Costa Rican people. It is very sad to see what is happening to our country and our people. It has been a disaster at the zone that was directly hit by the earthquake. Nevertheless, the line that crosses the Costa Rican territory from the Pacific to the Caribbean through the center of the country, fortunately resulted unaffected”, said La Ruta’s PR Director Luis Rueda.

The quake, which epicenter was located some 50 kilometers north from San José, destroyed more than 20 kilometers of roads and more than 400 houses, but most of the tourist interest points and tour operations across the nation are still working normally. Despite this, 20 people have been found dead so far and there are more than 40 others missing at the “ground zero” where the quake took place.

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