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La Ruta de los Conquistadores

September 15, 2005 – La Ruta is not an ordinary race. Every year, mountain bike riders face the task of following the historical steps of the Spanish settlers across the territory of Costa Rica: a small Central American country touched by God’s hand and blessed with hundreds of natural treasures as no other nation of the continent.

It will have three stages that will cover 200 miles and thirty thousand vertical feet of total ascents, crossing from the Pacific Ocean up to the beaches of the Caribbean Sea (The Atlantic Ocean).

The challenge will be not only the confrontation of the cyclists against their rivals, but also their clash with the natural Costa Rican environment.

It’s a race that is very memorable because it involves climbing in a land of amazing beautiful volcanoes and single tracks in coffee plantations…

From the punishment of more than 32° Celsius, up to the edge of the hypothermia that the temperatures produce in the highest points. All in the same day!

“More than a race, La Ruta is a personal growth journey. That’s the difference with the traditional competitions of World Cup” explains Roman Urbina, the creator.

“There are some segments that cannot be travelled even in 4X4 vehicles or motorcycles. Imagine what type of event is the one that we organize!. The competitors will not have any access to the external support and must trust in his their own tenacity and in some cases in the help of other competitors”, adds this “loco” adventure man.

La Ruta de los Conquistadores is like a psychological pressure cooker. Most of the participants accepts that their lives -as their bicycles – are never the same after this challenge.

Every year countless articles are published in newspapers and magazines. La Ruta is a motive of television spots. Examples can be obtained in a dozen of languages. They give a tribute to La Ruta and the heroes who defy its many faces.

Among the riders expected to be at the start line on November 11th are the Swisspower Team, Thomas Frischnekcht, the Spanish Champion Alejandro Díaz de la Peña (Maxxis-MSC Team), the 2005 Trans Rockies winners Marty Lazarski and Andreas Hestler, and the local Pizza Hut Team, Federico Ramírez and Iván Amador, who took third place in last edition of the Trans Alp Challenge in Europe.

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La Ruta de Los Conquistadores

May 16, 2004 – On the heels of the highly successful 2003 La Ruta de Los Conquistadores, the 2004 edition has been announced for November 12-14, 2004. La Ruta de Los Conquistadores is no ordinary mountain bike race. Each year riders confront the daunting task of retracing the historic steps of Spanish conquistadors across Costa Rica in this killer three-day stage race that covers over 300 miles and 30,000 vertical feet of climbs spanning from the Pacific Ocean to the beaches of the Caribbean Sea.

Not only do riders face-off with competitors from around the world, but they must pit themselves against Costa Rica's unforgiving natural environment, which includes endless hike-a-bike through mud that will peal the skin from the riders' heels, brutal climbs up smoldering volcanoes, long tricky descents through coffee plantations, and so many climate changes that riders may suffer heat stroke and hypothermia on the same day!

“It's more like an adventure race than a world cup event,” explains Román Urbina, creator of La Ruta de Los Conquistadores.  “There are sections that can't even be navigated by 4X4s or motor-cross bikes. The riders have no access to external support and must rely on their own tenacity and the help of other competitors.”

La Ruta de Los Conquistadores is not only a psychological pressure cooker, but most riders agree that their bikes are never quite the same after a tour of duty at La Ruta. (The route eats bike parts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

Each year, countless articles and television spots appear in dozens of languages featuring La Ruta de Los Conquistadores and the heroes who brave its many faces. Race organizer Roman Urbina predicts 2004 will be an even bigger media event, drawing on the wide international appeal of La Ruta de Los Conquistadores.

Three days, 300 miles, and 30,000 vertical feet of nasty climbs, set in the

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